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SpiderWipe Natural Miticide Liquid Concentrate

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SpiderWipe Natural Miticide Liquid Concentrate

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SpiderWipe is foliage friendly, Spider-Mite Deadly!

SpiderWipe uses a combination of natural and organic compounds to impact the normal activity of Spider-Mites. SpiderWipe is Highly effective against Spider-mites and Spider-mite eggs.

For use on trees, shrubs, roses and flowers. Can be used Indoor and outdoor.

Water Temp

Should be be warm to luke warm for ideal solubility.

Application Equipment

  • Mechanical sprayer
  • Fogger
  • Mist sprayers

Dilution Ratio

Concentrated Liquid: 1 oz. per gallon


Agitate the mix before every use.


  • Apply 1-2 times weekly
  • Spray directly onto foliage


Brand SpiderWipe
Bug Type Spider Mites
Application Type Liquid
Product Type Insecticide
OMRI Certified No
Usage Area Indoor & Outdoor
Concentration Concentrated
Ingredient Base Organic Based

SpiderWipe Natural Miticide Liquid Concentrate Questions & Answers

What type of application equipment do I need?

A simple mist sprayer will suffice. For larger and commercial use, a fogger or a Mechanical larger sprayer is optimal.

How often do I spray?

Apply 1-2 times weekly.

Where do I spray?

Spray directly onto foliage covering both topside and especially bottom side where most mites dwell.

What do mites do?

Mites cause damage by sucking cell contents from leaves.

Water Temp?

Should be be warm to luke warm for ideal solubility.

What is the Dilution ratio?

Liquid Concentrate: 1 oz. per gallon

What do I do before I apply?

Agitate the mix before every use.

How can I identify spider mites?

To the naked eye, spider mites look like tiny, moving dots; however, you can see them easily with a 10X hand lens. Check the undersides of leaves for mites, their eggs, and webbing.

Egg production of a female spider mite?

One female can lay up to 20 eggs per day and can live for 2 to 4 weeks, laying hundreds of eggs. A single mature female can spawn a population of a million mites in a month or less.

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