Rock Nutrients Fusion Nutrient Package

Rock Nutrients Fusion Nutrient Package

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Rock Nutrients Fusion Nutrient Package
$34.95 - $312.28
Rock Nutrients Fusion Nutrient Package
$34.95 - $312.28
Rock Nutrients Fusion Nutrient Package
$53.95 - $183.95
Rock Nutrients Fusion Nutrient Package
$53.95 - $137.64
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Rock Nutrients Feeding Schedule

Simplify your nutrient regime with Rock's Five Bottle System — everything you need to get your garden from the beginning to its successful end.

Fusion Grow and Fusion Bloom are the strongest, most concentrated single part nutrients we can possibly produce, rivalling even the strongest two part nutrients. The concentrated strength is not the only asset of Fusion … Rock Fusion Nutrients are made with our unique ‘Nutrient Density’ technology, which means that the amount of effective nutrients available to the plant is much higher than in other products. Fusion has all the components for massive yields packed tightly into each bottle.

Rock Nutrients™ Feeding Schedule

Rock Nutrients Fusion Grow/Rock Nutrients Fusion Bloom - Fusion Grow is a formulation of N, P and K with a 1:1 ratio of nitrogen to potash, exactly what is needed to stimulate growth and development prior to blooming. As the plant matures, switch to Fusion Bloom for less nitrogen and more potash to promote larger flowers. Please consult the feeding schedule for more details. Fusion Bloom is a complete fertilizer formulation of N, P and K in a single bottle to feed your plants with less nitrogen and more potash to maximize flowering in the later stages of growth.

SuperCharge Root Tonic - Rock Supercharge incorporates years of research into keeping roots healthy and strong. It will help plants develop a thick, white root mass, while also helping to overcome several root problems that growers may face. Supercharge is formulated to stimulate root growth by establishing a strong foundation for any plant to thrive throughout the entire growing cycle. Using Rock Supercharge continuously ensures your plants root system will develop to its maximum potential, enabling the plant to take up more nutrients for extra growth.

Rock Resinator Heavy Yields - Resinator dramatically increases oil and resin production by feeding potassium and organic acids directly to the flowering sites. Resinator increases flower mass by also delivering readily absorbable and highly mobile phosphorous and amino acids which will increase the final weight of any yield by enabling the plant to produce dense heavy flowers for increased final weight. Resinator scientifically incorporates other phyto-stimulant compounds such as selected carbohydrates and phyto enzymes to specifically encourage additional flowering sites and oil production.

Absorbalight Foliar Spray - is a nutrient supplement which feeds plants through the foliage rather than through the roots. It provides direct energy for chlorophyll production while helping to restore the loss of natural photosynthetic power. Rock Absorbalight maximizes your plants natural response to costly artificial plant lighting. It is also beneficial when growing outdoors to absorb maximum exposure to natural sunlight.

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BrandRock Nutrients
Nutrient ApplicationHydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based

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Good nutrient line
I decided to go with Rock a while back because of the minimal products in the line. I have had good results, only thing is i wish it was a bit less expensive. Overall a good line though..