Mother Earth Groundswell Performance Potting Soil

Mother Earth Groundswell Performance Potting Soil

Mother Earth Brand Product
$704.95 - $9,764.95

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Benefits Of Growing In Mother Earth Groundswell Soil

Mother Earth Groundswell Performance Soil is one of the best soils growers can use, because it isn't super nitrogen-heavy, and it's optimzied for air to water holding capacity.

Whereas most soils are heavy on nitrogen and lead to weird plant irregularities, Mother Earth Groundswell Performance Soil gives you just enough nutrition to get you through the first few weeks, and then no more. At that point, it is up to you as the grower to feed your plants everything they need. This works out better because you can feed more concentrated nutrients and create a more balanced nutrition profile.

Mother Earth Groundswell soil also maintains a very balanced pH, so you aren't going to spend much (if any) time adjusting the pH in your soil. This soil is formulated from the highest quality peat moss, aged forest products, perlite, pumice, worm castings, guanos and meals.

Bulk grow media available in Half truckloads


  • Arizona
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Select types of grow media are now available for purchase by the 1/2 truckload (9-11 pallets). These vary from 9 to 11 pallets with varying amount of bags on each pallet. We encourage anyone who is interested is buying bulk grow media to PLEASE CALL 888-815-9763 to inquire about REGIONAL AVAILABILITY and LEAD TIMES.

PLEASE NOTE: The receiving party must have:

  • Forklift or other implement with forks that can unload the delivery truck.
  • Roads must be passable for a 48 foot truck and trailer
  • have space for the vehicle to turn around approximately 120 ft. turn radius.

Mother Earth Groundswell Performance Potting Soil Reviews

great performance and better results than my last couple runs in FoxFarm. Planning on continuing with this brand moving forward.

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