Harvest supplies on sale through 9/30
Harvest supplies on sale through 9/30

Integra Boost Hanging Desiccant, 1000g, Pack of 6 is no longer available

Integra Boost Hanging Desiccant, 1000g, Pack of 6 is no longer available

SKU #: HGC748323-PCK

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Availability: Discontinued

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The drying process is a sensitive process. Integra Dry products are designed to assist the drying process by helping to lower relative humidity in a drying area. Off-gassing of moisture from fresh cut flowers increases humidity levels in a drying room increasing risk of mold and bacteria on the flower as well as in the room itself. The use of Integra Dry products reduces those risks and gently expedites drying times without the need for expensive energy consuming climate control systems.

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)10.8
Prop 65No
Height (in.)2
Width (in.)9
Length (in.)38
Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this item ships in 7-10 business days
UL ListedNo
Storage Product TypeHumidiccant
Pack Size6 Pack
Product Q&A

Integra Boost Hanging Desiccant, 1000g, Pack of 6 Questions & Answers

WHY 55%RH and 62%RH PACKS?

When the R.H. is below 55%, you don’t have enough moisture. This will cause your cannabis to dry out and turn brittle, making them unpleasant to smoke. Dryness will also lessen its potency and weight. When the r.h. is above 62%, you have too much moisture that can lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria, such as mold, mildew, and fungus. The difference between the 55%rh and 62%rh are the humidity levels. 55% adds less moisture and 62% allows for more moisture. Some consumers have favored a slightly drier environment, with an RH as low as 55%. It all depends on your personal preferences and how long you intend to hold onto a given strain. They are both safe levels because they are both within the "ideal range".