Hydroponic Reservoir Tanks

Need a larger reservoir tank for your hydroponic system? Or are you trying to set up your own ebb and flow system? Maybe you want to upgrade to one of our collapsible water barrels. Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry every shape or size reservoir you could possibly need, along with the lids and covers to keep your system in top notch condition!

What is a hydroponic reservoir tank?

The hydroponic reservoir tank is more than just the container that holds the hydroponic nutrient solution. It also houses most working parts of the entire hydroponic system, including the reservoir water heater, the reservoir cooler, often the water pump, and air pumps and air stones.

Protecting your reservoir

To prevent contaminants from entering the hydroponic reservoir, it is important to use a lid or cover. This keeps unwanted particles out of the nutrient solution, and keeps out light. When the reservoir is exposed to grow lights or side lighting, it can become a conducive environment for algae and molds.

What size reservoir tank do I need?

Like with many aspects of hydroponic gardening, it is encouraged to size up on your system, to ensure you can adequately feed your entire grow room. First, consider how many plants you are growing. For most plants, it is recommended to size 1.5-2 gallons per plant.

So if you are growing 8 plants, you would need at least a 16 gallon water tank. To be safe, 20 gallons would be perfect, reducing the possibility of running out of water if you are away from the plants for a period time.

Common sizes of hydroponic water reservoirs

Want to learn more about hydroponic system parts and accessories? Check out this full guide! If you want help choosing the right reservoir, give us a call at 888-815-9763 and have one of our experienced growers help you today!


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