Hydro Logic Drinking Water Upgrade Kit for Stealth-RO (HL26016) is no longer available

Hydro Logic Drinking Water Upgrade Kit for Stealth-RO (HL26016) is no longer available

SKU #: HL26016

Availability: Discontinued

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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    Hydro Logic Product Documents

    Drinking Water Upgrade Kit Instructions

    Drinking Water Upgrade Kit for Stealth-RO

    The kit includes:

    • Pressure Tank - 3.2 Gallons
    • Check Valve - 1/4" QC
    • 1/4" QC x 1/4" QC x 1/4" QC Tee
    • 1/4" QC Tank Valve
    • Eco-Spring Post Remineralization/Carbon Filter
    • 1/4" QC X 3/8" Stem Reducer
    • 1/4" QC X 1/4" QC Inline Shut Off Valve
    • Drain Saddle - 1/4" QC

    The Stealth-RO in the picture is NOT included with this kit

    Tank Specifications

    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 17" x 17" x 14"
    • Weight: 10.3 lbs
    Tech Specs


    BrandHydro Logic
    Weight (lb.)7.7
    Height (in.)14.75
    Width (in.)11.5
    Length (in.)11
    Lead TimeThis product ships in 2 weeks
    Prop 65No

    Hydro Logic Drinking Water Upgrade Kit for Stealth-RO (HL26016) Reviews

    Good quality
    After I installed my tank kit and started the flushing-filling process, and measuring the EC of the water in the tank, I realized something. My Stealth RO will, in the first minute or so after turning the water on, will send out water that is very near my tap water in minerals. After a minute, the EC settles down to around 25, which is fine. I realized that, if I use small amounts of RO out of the tank, the Stealth will refill what was taken out, and this short run will be nearly tap water in minerals. Pretty soon, the tank will be at an EC around 400. Not my idea of good. So, for the time being, I am not using my tank. I need RO right from the git-go. I wish the Stealth didn't have this characteristic.

    Great product!
    Every thing i needed to turn my ro sytem into perfect drinking water from an extra tap at the sink.

    RO filter must
    Excellent addon, a must for RO systems, you can add a 2nd tank using the T adapter included w/kit, just purchase a stand alone tank.

    excellent addon
    This kit was an excellent addon to my RO150 system. Everything that I needed to install was included and now I have perfect tasting water! I hooked the output up to my refrigerator