High Rise 3' Adjustable Drying Rack is no longer available

High Rise 3' Adjustable Drying Rack is no longer available


Availability: Discontinued

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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High Rise Adjustable Drying Racks allow you to carefully dry your herbs, flowers, or plant material evenly with ease!

Hang your drying racks from the ceiling of your grow tent or grow room and turn on your ventilation system to generate air movement to create the perfect drying environment for quick and even drying. Breathable Mesh material allows for great air circulation preventing the possibility of rot or mold forming on your herbs or plant material. The 360-degree design makes it possible to access your harvest from all angles. High Rise Drying Racks feature three detachable shelves that give you control of the amount of space you have.


  • These racks have 32" diameter drying layers
  • 6 individual drying chambers
  • Three detachable shelves allow you to have as little or as much space as you need
  • Easily collapsible design allows for quick and efficient storage
  • Easy to hang from any hook or bar
  • Can hold multiple pounds of plant material for drying

Note: The drying rack is folded up in the case, so be careful when removing as the drying rack will expand quickly similar to a cars sun visor.

Tech Specs


BrandHigh Rise
Weight (lb.)5
Prop 65No
Height (in.)2
Width (in.)14
Length (in.)14
UL ListedNo
Drying Rack Material TypeBreathable Polyester Mesh
Drying Rack TypeStationary Hanging Rack
Drying Rack Enclosure TypeOpen

High Rise 3' Adjustable Drying Rack Reviews

must have for trimming wet
drying trays are the best, but these help save space and are much cheaper, as long as you move the flowers around so no areas stay next to the mesh consistently they come out great. air flow and temps are key for the best dry/cure

Must have for wet trimming
much better than trying wet trimmed buds out on the ground. these allow air to get to them for more even drying. Only thing is that you will need to move them around from time to time

Good time

I like the support
The middle has a support strap so when they are full of heavy flowers they dont all sink to the middle. That helps them dry more evn, other I have has didnt have that and really was a pain. love the free bubble bags too

nice product
Very happy that I got this. Before I dried my goods on a plastic sheet and my damn cat apparently hates me because she always must lay all over it and has dropped some on the ground! But this takes care of it, should have found this before lol

Works great
I can't believe I used to just set my stuff on a plastic sheet and rotated it around. I ruined a bunch of stuff in the past and that's why i decided to go this route. Works great and it's cheap. Keeps the dirt and doggy hair away for once too!

Pleased With My Purchase
The clips are a must for adjustability and convenience. Great product for the price.