HBX Basic Hand Trimming Kit - For 1 Person

HBX Basic Hand Trimming Kit - For 1 Person


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A Curated Hand Trimming Kit Perfect For Your Personal Sized Grow

Harvest time is here, but you are not quite done! Experienced growers know that the job is not done when you harvest the fruits or herbs from your plants. All the hard work and attention to detail that you put into your plants during the growing season can be lost if you do not dry and cure your plants properly. For people growing on a smaller scale, buying an expensive automated trimming machine does not make much sense.

From trimming to curing to cleaning, this premium kit is perfect for small scale farmers looking for the best!

Included Products:

  • Harvest More TrimBin Set
  • 3' Adjustable Drying Rack
  • (2) Stainless Steel Garden Trimming Scissors
  • GreenBroz Resin Clear, 8 oz
  • (10) True Liberty 3 Gallon Bags 18 in x 20 in


Harvest More TrimBin Set

The TrimBin trim tray by Harvest More features an ergonomic design that makes trim work more enjoyable. The two part system allows for versatility and efficient use of space. Like all products in the Harvest More line, the trim tray is made with quality materials and ingenuity. It’s long lasting, durable and portable. Turn any couch or table into a comfortable work station! Learn more here.

Harvest More Trimbin Set

HBX Stainless Steel Garden Trimming Scissors

HBX Stainless Steel Garden Trimming Scissors are great for cutting foliage during all stages of your grow cycle as well as extremely precise trimming during harvest! These straight stainless trimming garden scissors are made from high-quality stainless steel and are designed specifically for the horticulture industry in mind, these shears are comfortable and built solid for a lifetime of use. Learn more here.

2 Inch Straight Trimming Shears

GreenBroz Resin Clear

Easily remove plant residue from your harvesting tools or any other surface at your facility, with this all-natural, odor-free CLP oil. The GreenBroz Resin Clear is made from 100% natural and organic renewable plant-based oils.Safe for rubber, silicone, glass, metal, and plastic, this odorless and tasteless cleaner will have no impact on the quality of your harvest. Learn more here.

GreenBroz Resin Clear Bottle

Curing & Storage

HBX 3' Adjustable Drying Rack

Hang your drying racks from the ceiling of your grow tent or grow room and turn on your ventilation system to generate air movement to create the perfect drying environment for quick and even drying. Breathable mesh material allows for great air circulation preventing the possibility of rot or mold forming on your herbs or plant material. 360 degree design makes it possible to access your harvest from all angles. These drying racks feature three detachable shelves that give you control of the amount of space you have. Learn more here.

True Liberty 3 Gallon Turkey Bags

True Liberty Bags are the original all-purpose home and garden bag. These bags are used by commercial organic farmers, food storage experts and hobby growers to keep their foods fresh, healthy and delicious. True Liberty Bags have an excellent aroma barrier, which makes for a fantastically versatile, all-around home and garden bag. BPA free material and burst, tear and puncture resistant. Thickest bag of its kind. Learn more here.

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Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, product ships in 3-5 Business Days
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