Guard N' Spray Natural Insecticide Concentrate is no longer available

Guard N' Spray Natural Insecticide Concentrate is no longer available


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Guard N Spray kills spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, flies, beetles, and thrips during all stages of the organisms growth phases (egg, larvae, adult).

All the active ingredients in Guard N Spray are organic. Guard N Spray works in two ways; the first is by attracting the insects to the Guard N Spray. Insects can detect certain chemicals used in many pesticides, causing them to run away to a safer part of the plant to escape. The Chlorophyll B used in the Guard N Spray acts as an appetizer for the insect. So instead of fleeing, the insect will consume the Guard N Spray. The botanical oils in Guard N Spray will then be ingested by the insect, blocking protein digestion and starving the insect.

The second mode of action is the sesame oil and soap bark in Guard N Spray. This sticks to and clogs up the insects spiracles, or breathing tubes. As the insect is suffocating, the exoskeleton is simultaneously being dried out from the cinnamon oil. Aphids, spider mites, and broad mites can be seen shriveling up and falling off the plant, dead.

Recommended use rate is 1 to 3 times per day. Guard N Spray is ready to use, no dilution is required.

Guard N Spray can be applied by using a sprayer or an atomizing fogger. The aerosolization of the active ingredients provides a blanket of protection for your plants. The botanical oils in Guard N Spray will become more active when administered in finer droplets.

Guard N Spray is the only natural pesticide that acts by starving, aspirating, and suffocating the pests that attack your plants. Give your plants the most natural form of defense they can have - Guard N Spray.

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