Double Ended Reflectors

If you are looking for a double ended reflector for your HID grow light, look no further. Here at Hydrobuilder, we have a wide selection of DE grow light reflectors from popular lighting brands such as Adjust-A-Wing, Sun System, Solis Tek, Gavita, Phantom, and more.

Which double ended grow light reflector is right for me?

While we are proud of our extensive collection, we know it can get overwhelming if you aren't sure which one is right for you. From double ended air cooled reflectors to DE wing reflectors, there are so many different kinds.

When selecting a reflector, you need to think about what kind of grow light you have. If you are using a double-ended grow light, you'll obviously need a double ended reflector. We generally recommend air cooled reflectors, as these do the best job of managing the heat that builds up in your reflector above your canopy. You'll need to consider the flange size to make sure it's compatible with your ventilation system.

If you want, you can learn more about the types of grow light reflectors here.

When you shop with us, you know you are getting the best products at the best price online. And, you'll get to experience the best service in the industry. If you have questions about which DE reflector is right for you, or you want to find out about special pricing on bulk orders, give our experts a call at 888-815-9763.


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