Conversion Bulbs (MH <--> HPS)

If you are looking for replacement MH/HPS conversion bulbs, you have come to the right place! We carry a wide variety of these flexible, useful grow light bulbs here at These conversion bulbs will work with all types of fixtures, ranging from 200 watts all the way up to 1000 watts! Look for some of the most popular brands, such as Eye Hortilux, Sun Master, Ushio and more!

What is a conversion bulb?

Part of the reason many growers no longer use MH or HPS grow lights is due to the frustration of having to switch out your MH bulb for an HPS bulb when it comes time to flower. But, conversion bulbs solve this issue! With these bulbs, you can use an HPS bulb with an MH ballast, and vice-versa. So, instead of using two different fixtures, you can just have one and use one of these conversion bulbs!

Now, you can give your plants the cool blue light they love with an MH bulb during veg, and then switch over to the deep red light of an HPS for flower! This way, your plants get the type of light they want without much work on your end, while also saving you money on an additional fixture!

Questions? Want a quote?

If you aren't sure which bulb is right for you, reach out to our experts and we'll help you find the right one. You can also check out our blog post on grow light bulbs. If you are a commercial grower, let's talk about special pricing on bulbs so you can get the highest profit possible out of your grow!