750 Watt MH & HPS Ballasts

Need a 750 watt HPS and MH Ballast? Look no further. Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry top brands for ballasts including Galaxy, Phantom, Eye Hortilux, Sun System, Solis Tek, Xtrasun, and more. We have the best selection at the best prices, which can get overwhelming.

HPS and MH grow lights might not be as popular as they once were, but they'll always have a place in commercial grows due to their low cost and high power.

What is a 750 watt HPS and MH Ballast?

Think of the ballast as the actual power source. They ignite your bulb, and regulate the frequency at the most efficient/safe level. Without a ballast, your light would never be able to spark and ignite. Or if it did, the bulb would blow up quickly from running too hot.

Magnetic vs digital: Which 750w HPS and MH ballast should I use?

You can break down these 750w HPS and MH ballasts into either magnetic and digital. Magnetic ballasts are considered outdated because they're produce a lot of heat, take up a lot of space, and don't run efficiently. They can also be really noisy, and create RFI interference for you and your neighbors.

On the other hand, digital ballasts have really improved HID grow lighting and allowed this technology to continue to exist. They don't create nearly as much heat, or take up as much space. They are also way more efficient, saving you money on electricity. You can also dim these ballasts to run at a lower wattage, saving you money and bulb life during early stages of growth, when lighting intensity isn't as high. You may not need all 750 watts during early veg. Digital ballasts also have RFI shielding, blocking out that notorious RFI interference associated with older magnetic ballasts.

Your ballast needs to match your grow light in terms of wattage and SE/DE. If you have a single-ended (SE) light, you need an SE ballast and vice versa for DE ballasts.

If you are shopping for 750 watt HPS and MH ballasts, you need a 750 watt HPS or MH grow light to accompany it. Don't try and pair a 300 watt grow light with a 1000 watt ballast!

Still need help selecting a ballast?

So if you need help choosing the right ballast, reach out to our experts and we'll make sure you get what you need. Are you a commercial grower? We can help you get special pricing on bulk orders, so you can achieve the highest profit possible.


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