315 Watt CMH & LEC Ballasts

If you have a CMH light, you'll need a 315 Watt CMH Ballast to accompany it. Here at Hydrobuilder, we have a huge selection of ballasts in this wattage from the best brands, including Galaxy, Growers Choice, Sun System, Phantom, Philips, and more!

Which 315 Watt CMH ballast should I get?

If you aren't sure which 315w CMH ballast is right for you, first start by considering whether you want a digital or magnetic ballast. Digital ballastsare far superior to magnetic, which are slowly making their way out of the grow light industry. Digital runs far more efficient, produces less heat, and can be dimmed to a lower wattage if needed. They also feature RFI shielding, preventing any radio wave interference.

These days, most digital ballasts are optimized for both SE and DE grow lights, but you'll need to make sure that is the case when picking one. If you have a SE grow light, you'll need a ballast compatible with it.

If you still aren't sure which 315 watt CMH ballast is right for you and your grow, give us a call at 888-815-9763 and we'll help you find the right one. If you are a commercial grower, reach out to us about special pricing on bulk orders.


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