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Grotek Core


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Grotek Core is based on plant matter, which not only provides key nutrients but also plant and mineral derived metabolites.

At the heart of our line is the essential NPK that provides a foundation for our multi-product Grotek Green Line. This formula can be used to support beneficial soil biology in the rhizosphere, increasing the production of substances known to benefit plant growth. Just like the rest of the Grotek Green Line, Core is suitable for all types of growing from gardens to water-based hydroponic systems. Core is composed of sugar beet molasses, which provide essential minerals and key organic metabolites. With over 25% organic matter, this liquid directly impacts the soil. High concentrations of fermented organic matter, along with low levels of available carbohydrates, support soil biology. These beneficial microbes help convert nutrients to forms that plants can easily absorb. Containing all of the necessary macronutrients required for plant development, Core is effective in both true soil and water-based hydroponic systems, and can even be used in commercial injection systems.

Key Features:
  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Supports beneficial soil biology
  • Improves plant growth

Application Rate:1L makes 333L of solution. Mix 3-4 ml per 1L of water. Use on a weekly basis in soilless media, or 3-4 times a season outdoors. Product is best applied as a root drench.

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SeedlingTransplantGrowthPre-FlowerWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
1 mL/L1 mL/L3 mL/L3 mL/L4 mL/L4 mL/L4 mL/L4 mL/L4 mL/L3 mL/L3 mL/LFlush
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