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Gorilla Grow Tent - LITE Line - 4' x 4'

Item #: GGTLL4X4

Gorilla Grow Tent
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Price $260.99 $189.00 $209.99 $403.19 $359.99
Brand Gorilla Grow Tent High Rise High Rise Gorilla Grow Tent Gorilla Grow Tent
Weight (lb.) 30 35 40 50 41.5
Length (in.) 48 48 60 48 50
Width (in.) 48 48 60 48 12
Height (in.) 79 86 86 83 7
Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grow Tent Size 4ft x 4ft 4ft x 4ft 5ft x 5ft 4ft x 4ft 4ft x 4ft
Grow Tent Height Up to 7 ft Up to 7 ft Up to 7 ft Array Up to 5 ft
Doors 1 (1) Large Front Door & (2) Side Access Doors (1) Large Front Door & (2) Side Access Doors 1 1
Ducting Ports 6 (5) 7" Ducting Ports (5) 9" Ducting Ports 10" 4
Electrical Ports 2 (2) 3" Electrical Cord Ports (2) 3" Electrical Cord Ports 3
Exterior Material 600D Thread Count Canvas 600D Thread Count Canvas
Interior Material Diamond Reflection Technology Diamond Textured Mylar Diamond Textured Mylar Diamond Reflection Technology Diamond Reflection Technology
Lightproof Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suggested Lighting
Vents (3) 13.5" x 5.5" Mesh Pre-Filter Air Vents (3) 13.5" x 5.5" Mesh Pre-Filter Air Vents
Windows 2 2
Current Item

Tent Canvas
Thread Count

HID Light

400+ CFM

Ducting Ports

10" Ports

Electrical Ports

4" Ports

Gorilla Grow Tent - LITE LINE - 4' x 4'

Gorilla Lite Line Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts and perfect for beginners. Double your yields with the first ever height adjusting grow tent. This expertly designed grow tent is the perfect solution for those discerning customers that crave Gorilla quality, but are on a tight growing budget. What we have created is hands down the world's Best Budget Grow Tent.

The expert configuration positions ducting ports where they should be. Large EZ View windows offer easy grow snapshots without compromising your environment. The doorways and wraparound zippers offer 360 degree convenient access. Large 10"_ double cinching ducting ports make maintaining an ideal growing environment a snap. All metal interlocking poles provide a stable and strong growing enclosure that's perfect for indoor gardening success. Grow easy on yourself. Grow Gorilla.

Features of the LITE LINE Series:

  • Height Adjusting with the patent pending adjustable extension poles (sold separately) allowing you to increase the height of your 4' x 4' grow tent from 6' 7" to 7' 7".
  • Dependable and durable canvas provides a safe and secure growing environment
  • Solid metal interlocking frame.
  • 210D "Easy On" grow tent canvas density
  • No plastic anywhere.
  • Thick "Easy Engage" custom zippers (Biggest zippers on the market).
  • EZ View windows.
  • Diamond reflection technology.
  • 10" double cinching, No leak ducting ports.
  • 360 degree "Wrap Around" access.
  • Convenient tool pouch.
  • Bug resistant adjustable micro mesh pre-filters.
  • Heavy duty flood protection pool.
  • Attention to detail EVERYWHERE.


  • HEIGHT - LITE LINE carries the Gorilla torch with its height adjusting technology. While these tents have a lower starting height, growers still have the ability to increase their overall growing height on the fly with the 1 ft. height extension kit (sold separately). GGT & LITE LINE are your ONLY height extending tent options worldwide.
  • THICKNESS - LITE LINE utilizes a cutting edge PVE binding technique to merge the exterior canvas and diamond reflective interior. This allows LITE LINE to offer superior rigidity over competing grow tents. As a result, LITE LINE is not plagued with the same pitfalls as those tents with comparable, or even greater, thickness.
  • STRENGTH & DURABILITY - LITE LINE utilizes an all steel, interlocking, secure, frame. In addition, they still include viewing windows, tightly reinforced seals, strong zippers, and durable fabric.
  • SAFETY - LITE LINE was created with growers' safety top of mind. The cleverly designed structure's securely fastened frame and tight fitting canvas combine to form a tent that will give you far more peace of mind than any competing tent with similar specifications. Not to mention, the flood pool actually performs as intended.
  • CLEANLINESS - Just like the original GGT the LITE LINE is bug and disease resistant. The bug resistant, micro mesh pre-filters prevent unwanted guests from infiltrating your precious grows. Double lined ducting ports allow for maximum seals, containment, and mold prevention.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL - LITE LINE still has the ability to extend to heights taller than competing grow tents, allowing the heat to rise well above your plants' canopy where it could do real damage to your grows.
  • QUALITY - LITE LINE boasts the same bottom to top, back to front, attention to detail as big brother Gorilla. The family traits for locking fasteners, metallic corner pieces, reinforced stitching, heavy duty zippers, trusty safety pool, and Diamond Reflection Technology have all been passed along the Gorilla gene pool to baby brother LITE.
  • GROWING EASE - LITE LINE are easy to assemble. Smart touches like Velcro door strips assist in keeping your doors open and sealing over the heavy duty zippers. Viewing windows allow you to check your plants' vitals without interrupting their controlled environment. 360 degree accessibility and wrap around doors allow convenient access to every corner of your grow space. Additional height allows for crouch-free maneuvering throughout your tent. With Gorilla Grow Tents, you now have the ability to grow your plants as big as you like. We have also intelligently selected the tent sizes so that they universally accept the standard sizes of hydroponic and soil systems, but also still allow room to maneuver around and through your grow tent"_.and don't you dare underestimate the addition of the handy tool pouch!!
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN - GORILLA GROW TENTS are the first grow tent with every port properly placed allowing for closed loop air-cooled lighting and cross-flow internal air circulation. Large 10"_ ducting ports cinch completely to allow for any sized ducting, as well as maximum airflow and flexibility. Extra height means cooler temps, larger plants, and maximum yields. The bug resistant pre-filters, internal tool pouch, thick interlocking frame, appropriate sizes, sturdy flood pool, and easy 360 degree access all contribute to providing you with the absolute greatest grow tent experience you could possibly imagine.

What Makes The LITE LINE Different Than Original Gorilla Grow Tents?

  • 1 Ft. Height Extension Kits available (not included)
  • Supported Weight: 170 lbs instead of 300 lbs
  • Original Gorilla Grow Tents have IR Blocking Roof, Lite Line does not
  • Canvas Density 210D vs Original GGT 1680D


Brand Gorilla Grow Tent
Weight (lb.) 30
Length (in.) 48
Width (in.) 48
Height (in.) 79
Warranty Yes
Free Shipping Yes
UPC 29882816417
Lead Time Ships in 1-3 Days
CSA Listed No
ETL Listed No
UL Listed No
Grow Tent Size 4ft x 4ft
Grow Tent Height Up to 7 ft
Doors 1
Ducting Ports 6
Electrical Ports 2
Interior Material Diamond Reflection Technology
Lightproof Yes

Gorilla Grow Tent - LITE Line - 4' x 4' Setup Guide

Tent Setup

Be sure to carefully measure the space you intend to setup the tent in. It should be slightly larger than the tent itself to allow for an easy setup. You should also plan your ventilation setup as you will want room on one or more sides of the tent for ducting. We give some examples of ventilation setups below.

You should have a space available at least this size:

  • 4ft wide X 4ft deep X 7ft Tall

Setting up the tent is a simple.
Just follow the included instructions.
You can review them here.

Choose a Growing Media/Method:

Depending on your intended use of this tent, you can choose from the following growing methods available at Hydrobuilder:

Choose a Lighting Setup

Depending on your intended use of this tent, you can choose from a wide range of lighting styles. LED Lighting is recommended for it's superior performance and longevity, while HID Lighting will have a cheaper up-front cost and will produce more heat. Flourescent lighting is preferred in hight heat applications as fluorescent tubes give off very little heat. No matter what lighting style you choose, adjustable light hangers are recommended to give you more control over the height of the lighting throughout the stages of growth.

View Our Lighting Options:

Choose a Ventilation Setup

Proper ventilation is essential to healthy plant growth. You should replace the air in your tent at least once every 5 minutes when the lights are on. We recommend the following minimum CFM rating for your ventilation setup. Please note that CFM performance of a fan is affected by the length and path of ducting and obstructions like a carbon filter. A higher performance fan than you need is preferred and can be controlled using a variable fan speed controller.

  • Grow Tent Volume: 4ft x 4ft x 7 ft = 112 cubic feet
  • Recommended Fan CFM: 182+ CFM

You should also pair a filter with your ventilation to help clean the air and remove odors. We recommend using a standard carbon filter as they are easy to use and provide ample air and odor filtration for grow tents. View our Carbon Filter options here

Connecting your filter to your fan is easy, just grab some ducting and clamps. We carry a range of options that can be found here: View ducting components

Your ventilation can be set up in a number of ways. Here are some possible configurations:

What you will still need:

To get up and running you will need a few more things, mainly a growing container/media setup, plants, water, and nutrients. We covered the growing setup choices above, for nutrients we offer a wide selection from all of the industry leaders. View our selection of nutrients.

If this is your first time growing, and aren't sure where to start, we recommend sticking with soil and containers. It's the easiest to learn with as the soil is more forgiving, allowing you to make small mistakes with nutrition that would otherwise cause issues in hydroponic systems. It's also really cheap and easy to setup. If you choose this route, the Fox Farm Trio Soil is a great nutrient starter kit to use. If you'd like a more advanced nutrient plan that includes micronutrients then The Dirty Dozen kit by Fox Farm is the one we recommend.

If you have any questions about your tent setup or component installation please give us a call, we are happy to help you get started! You can reach us at 888-815-9763, Monday thru Friday, 8am - 5pm PST.

Gorilla Grow Tent - LITE Line - 4' x 4' Videos

Customer Reviews

The best Review by Bob
The people make the difference,I think her name was Erin..what a nice person and very helpful...ps..tent is excellent

(Posted on February 18, 2017)
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very good Review by Ray
I am well pleased with item

(Posted on April 5, 2016)
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Great Quality Review by Skip
I planned to buy a tent, a friend told me Gorilla was the best. I Agree....

(Posted on March 14, 2016)
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Fantastic, love it. Review by Tzu
Fantastic, I love it.

(Posted on June 14, 2015)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
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I know it will work Review by Bob
My first attempt came to a crashing halt. I didn't buy a force fan cause I had a in-line fan already. Tent temperature got too hot, could not get it to proper temps and I forgot to use Hydroguard in the resevoir cause bad bacteria built up fast....Big learning experience for me......as for the tent.....I LOVE IT.....

(Posted on May 25, 2015)
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