General Organics BioMarine

General Organics BioMarine


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BioMarine® encourages beneficial microbes for better roots, stems, foliage, flowers and fruits!

BioMarine® is a completely organic fish fertilizer that encourages rapid growth, improves color, and helps increase plant’s resistance to pests. Essential proteins, oils, and nutrients are derived from a cold processed enzymatically digested fish. This supports healthy growth and stimulates microbiology that naturally improves soil integrity. BioMarine® benefits all types of plants during all phases of growth, from seedling to harvest. It can be used as a standalone fertilizer or with other fertilizers.

BioMarine® is an organic fertilizer derived from squid. General Organics chose squid due to the huge populations in the oceans that are out of balance with fish populations. Squid have the added benefit of high protein plus polysaccharide content. This supports healthy plant growth and stimulates microbiology in the root zone. A superior natural source of plant nutrition, BioMarine suits all types of plants during all phases of growth, from seedling through harvest.

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