What do you put under plant pots?

Prevent spills and retain water by using saucers with your grow containers. Saucers are especially great to use with plastic and fabric pots to prevent messes. It is especially important to use saucers for indoor plants, to collect nutrient and water runoff and protect your floors!

Do outdoor potted plants need saucers?

This is up to you as a grower. If you are concerned about nutrients and water from your plants leaking into your soil or concrete, then use a saucer. If you do not care, you probably do not need one.

What size plant saucer do I need?

Sizing your plant saucer is very simple. You should use the same size saucer as your pot. So, if you have a 10" garden pot, use a 10" saucer.

Want to learn more about what container is best for you to grow in? Check out our definitive guide to garden pots!

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