Gorilla Pot Premium Fabric Pots, Tan

Gorilla Pot Premium Fabric Pots, Tan

Gorilla Pots Brand Product
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Gorilla Pots are premium fabric pots constructed from the highest-quality material for providing excellent airflow and support!

Our Gorilla Pots are the perfect option for both guerrilla grows in the foothills as well as container gardening in your backyard! They are made of 100% original polypropylene fiber and in order to maintain longevity season after season, a non-toxic 3% anti-ultraviolet agent is added to the fibers which will help combat the effects of the sun.

Gorilla Pots are constructed from high-quality non-woven fabric. This fabric provides great support while allowing air to travel into the root system resulting in vigorous growth. The tan color fabric is the best choice for growing outdoors which helps keep the root zone cool in the heat of the summer. They feature breathable fabric allowing for faster plant growth through better access to oxygen.

Air-flow prunes the root structure for a noticeably healthier and happier plant. They also will not trap water, which can help prevent overwatering of plants. These pots are made with 220-gram weight fabric material for great durability at an economical price. These pots are machine washable and will continue to provide a perfect blend of oxygen and drainage for multiple seasons! These pots are double stitched and fade resistant too!

Gorilla Pot Features

  • Made from thick 220-gram fade resistant material that will not sag when filled
  • Double stitched seams add strength and helps the pot stand up on it's own making them easy to fill with soil
  • Machine washable for multiple seasons of use
  • Versitile, perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardens
  • Provides superior water drainage and oxygen to the roots
  • Use our fabric pots with any grow media including soil, coco, clay pebbles, grow rocks, rockwool cubes, sure to grow and more!
Gorilla Fabric Pot
Gorilla pots are Self-Standing

Top Stitch Design

The top stitching of each Gorilla Pot increases overall strength while helping the pot hold itself up, which makes filling the pot with grow media much easier, especially when working alone.

Interior Stitching

Double dtitched interior helps keep the Gorilla Pot strong season after season. This added strength ensures the pot will not sag when filled with soil.

Strong & Breathable

The bottom of each Gorilla Pot features a strong black fabric with double stitched seams that will not break down even when submerged in water. This makes Gorilla Pots a great choice for use in hydroponic grows.

Why Choose Gorilla Pots?

If you haven’t heard of or used our fabric pots before, then you should consider trying them because: They are extremely healthy for your plants and really convenient for container gardening.

Fabric pots were originally created as an alternative to standard plastic, ceramic, or clay pots. Since then, they have become more and more popular in many gardens and nurseries.

The following are some, but not all, of the amazing benefits fabric pots bring to you and your prized plants:

Gorilla Fabric Pots

Healthy Roots

Air Pruning
This natural growing technique allows dry air to reach root tips which stop roots from extending beyond their container. This technique will trigger more roots to sprout, creating a stronger, more dispersed structure with many more root tips for accessing water and nutrients, which in turn leads to a stronger, healthier plant with better yields.

Soil Aeration
Just like humans, plants need oxygen to live and thrive. Breathable fabric pots offer optimal conditions to allow essential air flow into your soil. This keeps roots healthy and allows plants to properly use the available nutrients in your growing medium.

Prevents Overwatering
Proper drainage is essential. Waterlogged containers are a death sentence for plants, and a common mistake made by beginners. Fabric pots will not allow water to trapped in the pot which means your soil and root zone will be able to drain and excess air.

Cool Roots
The tan fabric pots keep your soil and root zone cooler than clay or plastic because of the breathability of the fabric. This means your root won't fry in the hot summer temperatures, keeping your plant healthy.

Easy Flushing
Properly flushing your growing media is extremely important, especially when feeding salt-based nutrients. Fabric pots allow water to easily pass through the soil and the plant's roots which makes periodically flushing throughout your grow cycle and final flush before harvest much easier and quicker.

Ease Of Use

Use Any Growing Media

Breathable and flexible fabric allows for versatility! Whether growing by soil, coco, hydroponics, or aeroponics, fabric pots are a great choice!


Dont break your back carrying around a heavy clay pot, use a lightweight fabric pot instead!

Machine Washable and Re-usable

After a season of use you can easily machine wash or quickly hose off with water and let them hang dry.

Easily Stored

If your plants have been harvested and the growing season is over, fold up the pots and store until next year.

Gorilla Pot Size Specifications

GallonsCubit Feet Diameter X Height
20 Gallon22.53.0021 x 15
30 Gallon36.84.9026 x 16
45 Gallon44.65.9027 x 18
65 Gallon63.68.4032 x 18
100 Gallon98.213.1038 x 20
150 Gallon154.720.7045.3 x 22
200 Gallon204.127.3050 x 24
300 Gallon293.939.3060 x 24
400 Gallon400.053.5070 x 24

Gorilla Pot Premium Fabric Pots, Tan Reviews

4 years in a row ordering gorilla pots
these are fantastic, mostly self-standing too. great aeration and drainage, tan color is key. You can use them if you want, I just prefer to get new post and soil each year to limit any possible issue with mold from them being left outside. will keep buying them as long as they are available

received order in 2 days
these seem to be great quality for the price, only thing is that they do not have the smaller sizes like 5 or 10 gallon

will buy agaig next season
these pots always last me years of consistent use in my greenhouse. They are strong but let out water so it does not mold. just what I need

got them in 3 days
Hydrobuilder is still shipping the product out fast! That is not the case for most online vendors right now. Super pleased with the quality, I think these will be used for years before I need more.

great pots
third year getting these, will continue to order them as needed. Great brand and good prices

The best for the price
This will be my 4th year ordering the same brand, just various sizes. These are some of the best fabric pots I have used outdoors. They are strong pretty much self standing so that makes them easy to fill and they let water out easy so no mold.

Best fabric pot for the price
Year after year, these always stand the test of time and nature. Will never buy the smart pot brand. GORILLA POTS!

been solid for years now
This will be my 3rd year using the same post and I couldn't be happier. Still holding strong, and i keep them outside during the entire year with no issues! I think the tan color helps keeps the root zone cooler in the hot CA weather.

These are pretty much self-standing which makes them great when filling alone. These are strong! Great value for the cost

best pots I have used so far. strong, seems are stitched well, color is great and they are self standing which makes them much easier to fill with dirt

Solid product
As expected, not quite as sturdy as I had hoped but works great as my worm bin

nice bags
nice bags

Best pots on the planet
Self standing, durable, and have great drainage. I have used several different brands, this is the best.

Better than smart pots
these are durable and pretty much self-standing so they are easy to fill. I'd buy these every year!

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