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Custom Cones USA Pre-Rolled Cones

Custom Cones USA Pre-Rolled Cones


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Custom Cones USA Brand Product
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The finest pre rolled cones in the industry

Custom Cones USA offers the finest pre rolled cones for pre roll manufactures, as we are one of the only pre rolled cone manufacturers offering 100% organic hemp rolling paper cones.

Custom Cones USA Pre-Rolled Cones are of the highest quality in the industry, offering businesses the finest cones possible. They source their rolling papers from an over 200 year old rolling paper factory in France, and come in a range of sizes and types of cones, including 84mm, 98mm, and 109mm available in white flax, brown flax, hemp papers, or hemp blunt cones.

Custom Cones USA has worked with top brands in this industry across Northern America for years to provide custom branded pre-roll cones in custom sizes with unique paper/filter options.

Designed and manufactured with the lightest, smoothest burning french papers available, Custom Cones USA Pre-Rolled Cones create the most enjoyable user experience possible. These cones are designed to fit in all standard pre-roll filling machines, including the Futurola Knockbox and STM Canna Rocketbox. These pre-rolled cones by Custom Cones USA are all FSC Certified, and made under strict FDA standards for food grade paper. You know you are getting safe, high-quality cones when you purchase Custom Cones USA.

Custom Cones come in 3 sizes:

  • 84mm (1/2 Gram)
  • 98mm (3/4 Gram)
  • 109mm (1 Gram)

Flax or Hemp?

Pre-rolled cones are made from two main paper types - flax paper or hemp paper . Pre-rolled cones are often described as brown paper or white paper. If a pre-rolled cone manufacturer describes their paper as "white paper" or "brown paper," they are most likely using refined or unrefined flax paper. Flax paper is the most popular and common type of rolling paper. Our refined flax paper pre-rolled cones are white in color and the unrefined flax pre-rolled cones are brown in color. Besides flax based pre-rolled cones, we also offer hemp rolling paper cones, which is more of a tan color. We also offer pre-rolled blunt cones, which are made from hemp wrap. Hemp wrap is thicker and creates a fuller flavored smoke compared to rolling paper.

Cone Options:

Refined White Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Our white pre-rolled cones are made with refined flax paper, which is referred to as rice paper or simply white paper by other companies.

The difference between the white and brown flax paper is the level of refinement the paper goes through. Some people refer to white paper as bleached, but there is no bleached used in our pre-rolled cones. All of our pre-roll cone papers are made in France under strict EU regulations and are FSC certified, meaning the raw materials are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Refined flax pre-rolled cones are super clean and sleek looking, the opacity of our white paper is the most see-through!

Unrefined Brown Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Brown pre-rolled cones are often called "unbleached," but the proper term is really "unrefined." There is no bleach used during the paper making process, rather the paper pulp used to make the pre-rolled cones is just refined more and more until all the natural plant components are removed and cleaned until they are white.

We refer to our brown pre-rolled cone paper as unrefined flax and our white pre-rolled cone paper as refined flax. The brown pre rolled cones we offer are made with a unrefined brown paper which give it a beautiful brown color.

Organic Hemp Paper Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Custom Cones USA is one of the only pre-rolled cone companies offering 100% Organic Hemp Rolling Paper cones! Unlike other companies that refuse to supply documentation when asked about organic certification, we are proud to be fully transparent about our organic supply chain. Our organic hemp paper pre-rolled cones come in all standard sizes, so they will work in all industry filling machines.

Our 109mm organic hemp pre-rolled cones are perfect for 1 gram king size cones and our 84mm hemp pre rolled cones are perfect for half gram pre rolls. There is also a 98mm standard size which is for 3/4 gram pre-rolls.

Size Options:

84mm (1/2 Gram)

Half gram pre-rolls are perfect for multi-packs, which are getting more and more popular in dispensaries. The 84mm pre-rolled cone is going to be shorter and fatter and are available in both the white and brown paper types, but also as mini blunts in our 84mm pre-rolled blunt cones. These 84mm cones are perfect if you are looking to produce a larger amount of smaller cones.

98mm (3/4 Gram)

Full gram pre-rolls too big and half gram pre-rolls too small? No worries, our 98mm standard pre-rolled cones are perfect for three-fourth gram pre-rolls. All our bulk pre-rolled cones are designed to be the same exact size as all other standard pre-rolled cones, so they will fit in any standard knockbox style pre roll filling machine. Our 98mm standard pre-rolled cones are available in both refined flax and unrefined flax rolling paper.

109mm (1 Gram)

Standard 1 gram pre-rolled cones are 109mm length. Different pre roll cone manufacturers have different sized filter tips, but we use a 26mm filter tip on all our stock pre-rolled cones. All our pre-rolled cones are designed to fit perfectly in all standard knockboxes, so you never need to worry! One gram 109mm pre-rolled cones are available in refined flax paper cones, unrefined flax paper pre-roll cones, and hemp wrap blunt cones.

Features & Benefits

Ultra-Thin French Paper

We use only the highest quality starting materials for our pre-rolled cones. The rolling paper we offer are made in France from a paper mill which has been in business for over 200 years. Custom Cones USA has partnered with this family business to create the best smoking pre-rolled cones in the industry.

Slow & Even Burn

All our pre-rolled cones feature a straight gum-line – this extra manufacturing step means that our cones are guaranteed to burn evenly and smoothly. A straight gum line means excess paper was removed so that only the exact amount of paper needed is used. With our straight gum line your customers smoke less paper and taste more flower.

Food Grade & FSC-Certified

All the rolling paper we use is made to the same standards the FDA and EU requires for paper which is in contact with food. All the rolling paper we use is FSC certified which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Product Q&A

Custom Cones USA Pre-Rolled Cones Questions & Answers

What are the 84mm pre-rolled cones best used for?
The 84mm pre-roll cones are best for packing 1/2 gram sizes. This size is convenient for companies that want to package multiple half gram pre-rolls in a container.

What are the 98mm pre-rolled cones best used for?
The 98mm pre-roll cones are best for packing 3/4 gram sizes.

What are the 109mm pre-rolled cones best used for?
The 109mm pre-roll cones are best for packing 1 gram sizes.

Do these fit in knockboxes?
Yes, our standard pre-rolled cones fit in knockboxes and work with traditional packing and filling methods. We also do custom sizes if you have your own custom knockbox or filling equipment. We sell our own knockbox which is custom-made for our pre-rolled cones - this ensures a tight fit and reduces the amount of re-work to get your pre-rolls the correct weight.

What is the difference between the white and brown pre-rolled cones?
White rolling paper tends to have less paper taste and a cleaner smoke than brown papers - this is because the whitening process removes lignins. People theorize that lignins are what give Mesquite BBQ its' distinctive smoky taste. As for the appearance, brown is significantly darker toned paper versus white. When customized, this color variation allows both pre-roll cone styles to complement certain printed colors and designs.

What certifications are available for the pre-rolled cones?
All of our refined white pre-rolled cones have two certifications - a quality certification as well as a food-grade certification. Further, we have an FSC-certification for the rolling paper which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Our pre-rolled cone manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all our pre-rolled cones are traceable to the exact date and production line which produced the cones.

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