Can-Fan Intake Filter Kit is no longer available

Can-Fan Intake Filter Kit is no longer available


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Can Fan Intake Filter Kits are the perfect solution for preventing contaminants from being introduced into your enclosed grow space.

Good air quality is essential for optimal plant growth and for a quality yield. The Can-Fan Intake Filter Kit, available in different sizes, comes with everything you need to make sure clean air is entering your grow space. This kit includes an intake filter box, inline fan, fan-speed controller, and all the necessary ducting components.

  • Can-Fan Intake Filter
  • Can-Fan RS Series Inline Fan
  • Can-Fan Max Vinyl Ducting & Clamps
  • Variable Fan Speed Controller

Product Details

Can Fan Intake Filter - Can-Filter® Intake Filters are your first line of defense against incoming contaminants. Made with a galvanized sheet steel housing. Easily change MERV-5 filter insert with toggle type fasteners on the top of the filter housing. Comes with a MERV-5 mesh filter that blocks pollen, dust, bugs and other particulate from entering.

  • MERV-5 mesh blocks pollen, dust, and other particulates from entering filter
  • Very low air resistance
  • Easily changed via toggle type fasteners
  • Galanized sheet steel housing
  • Available sizes for all filters
  • Made from 90% recycled materials

Can-Fan RS Series Inline Fan - The Can-Fan High Output series are centrifugal fans utilizing our proven German design, Swiss components, and precision manufacturing. The High Output Can-Fan® uses a high-performance motor for use in more demanding applications. They have carried AMCA certified numbers longer than most other fans have been around and you can be sure you’re getting every CFM we claim to deliver. Can-Fan® can be easily installed in minutes using the included mounting bracket. They have a powder-coat finish and are 100% speed controllable. Rated for continuous operation, they utilize an extremely reliable external rotor motor and reverse curve blade.

RS-Series Fan CFM Rating

  • 4" - 155 CFM
  • 6" - 427 CFM
  • 8" - 766 CFM
  • 10" - 806 CFM
  • 12" - 975 CFM

Can-Fan Max Vinyl Ducting & Clamps - MAX-DUCT PVC is simply the best! Possibly the strongest REUSEABLE duct on the market with a cost similar to the leading competitors' regular 3ply duct. MAX-DUCT is manufactured with triple foil laminate with very durable black PVC with UV inhibitors coating in 25 ft lengths and complete with 2 clamps for ease of installation.

Variable Fan Speed Controller - This multi-function fan speed controller allows you to set your fan motor speed accordingly. You are able to adjust the fan speed in the summer when you may need more airflow because of the higher temperatures then adjust it down in the winter when not as much may be needed.

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