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Light your indoor garden with ballasts and reflectors from our Xtrasun collection. You cannot go wrong with a high quality lighting system from this reputable brand.

Xtrasun Grow Light Ballasts

Xtrasun magnetic ballasts feature a unique patented aluminum housing, convection cooling, and exclusive lock & seal detachable in-line plug system—all of which contribute to reliable service at value prices.

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Xtrasun Grow Light Bulbs

Xtrasun offers single ended HPS, double ended HPS, and dual arc bulbs.

Xtrasun supplys complete systems, outfitted with reflectors. There are compatible with both sodium (400W, 430W, 600W, 1000W) and halide (400W, 1000W) lamps, and deliver the brightest, broadest spectrum of light for fastest growth. Whatever your lighting needs, Xtrasun has you covered.

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Want to learn more about different types of grow light bulbs? Check out our learning center post on them!

We also have an entire guide on choosing your grow lights, if you are unsure which is right for you.

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