TurboKlone Klone Machines - 24, 44, 96 or 144 Sites

TurboKlone Klone Machines - 24, 44, 96 or 144 Sites


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The TurboKlone Klone Machine helps you propagate a wide-variety of plants aeroponically - without the use of soil or other growing mediums. The System allows your plant cuttings to be suspended inside the TurboKlone where multiple spray jets send a continuous mist of nutrient-rich water solution to the clone roots, promoting the development of a healthy, robust root structure. TurboKlones design helps decrease root damage from pests and disease so your plants can grow healthier. The TurboKlone is your first step in successful plant propagation. Turboklone's patented fan technology helps to keep the unit cool, combating high temperatures that can kill roots all while keeping harmful bacteria at bay.

Choose between 24, 48, 96 or 144 sites, with or without humidity dome.

TurboKlone offers the most effective and streamlined aeroponic cloning systems on the market. Through its patented design, TurboKlone cloning systems offer a wide array of planting site options while lowering the temperature of the growing environment and increasing the oxygen content of the water.

TurboKlone is the only aeroponic cloning system with a built-in fan to help regulate the temperature of both the water and the air inside of the basin. Other cloning systems have an enclosed design that does not allow for sufficient ventilation. When you combine this design with the heat generated from the pump, you end up with hot, stagnant air and warm water that does not adequately break down oxygen.

With TurboKlone’s patented design, a fan pushes air into the reservoir and the surrounding cooling chamber. The cool air from the fan mixes with the fine droplets of the water spraying up from the manifold. This lowers the temperature of the air and water, allowing oxygen to be broken down more efficiently. By maximizing the concentration of dissolved oxygen, Turboklone creates optimal conditions for roots to flourish.

When propagation is your priority, keep cool and choose the only aeroponic cloner rooted in excellence.

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