Titan Controls

Titan Controls, a subsidiary of Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a manufacturer of environmental controls, precision timers, lighting controllers and CO2 equipment based in the Pacific Northwest.

What separates Titan Controls from other brands?

The principles behind Titan Controls' mission are clear:

  • Build a durable product that satisfies our customer's needs
  • Build a quality product with the best components available in the marketplace today
  • Build a reputable product line that's synonymous with the Sunlight Supply traditions.

Titan Controls is proud to have accomplished each of these principles.

The powder coated, steel chassis' of their controllers protect your investment for years to come! The UL/ETL rated components provide you with the confidence and security you're looking for in your grow equipment.

Each and every unit comes with easy to follow instructions in English & Spanish and include step by step diagrams for simple set-up and use. These are products created for our industry, by our industry.

Why you should shop Titan Controls

By now, you are probably aware that your environment is the most important part of your grow room. If not, start by reading our guide on grow room atmosphere and ventilation.

Once you understand what constitutes a good growing environment, you will see how difficult maintaining it is. Normally, you will need a controller like the ones Titan offers for your grow lights, ventilation system, CO2 equipment, dehumidifiers/humidifiers, and air conditioner.

The extent to which you want to automate your grow room is entirely up to you, but I will tell you this: Using environment controllers makes your growing experience far more enjoyable. Instead of manually checking and turning on/off your devices, these controllers and timers do it for you.

Check out our full guide on grow room automation here.

Titan Controls offers products to optimize and automate your environment, such as:

Titan Controls Series Explanation

Titan Controls has broken there products down into a number of series. Each series corresponds to a type of controller, such as lighting or temperature. Each series is described here:

Each and every Titan Controls product is backed by a warranty that is unparalleled in our business. Their technical assistance and repair facilities are known for their quick turnaround time and their high level of service. Titan Controls - Be in Control.

If you have any questions about these products, our expert growing staff is available at 888-815-9763 to help. You can view all our environment controllers here!


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