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Smart Pot

While any old pot will grow your plants for you, there are certain pots that will set you up for success. Smart Pots is one of these, and they are many growers' go to garden pot.

What are Smart Pots?

The Smart Pot patented aeration design has helped them become the leader in the fabric pot industry. Their ability to air-prune enhances a plant's roots into a massively branched, fibrous root structure that creates a better plant.

Why use Smart Pots in your garden?

Plants grown in a Smart Pot can be healthier, have more flowers and fruits, while being highly resistant to insects and diseases. With Pots from 1 gallon to 400 gallons, choose the right size for your plant today!

Can you reuse Smart Pots, and how long do they last?

Yes, all fabric pots, including Smart Pots, are reusable. This is another reason they are so popular, and worth the investment. Some growers are still using their Smart Pots from a decade ago!

To clean your Smart Pot after each grow, remove all grow media and allow it to dry out in the sun. After a few days, this will usually be good enough to shake off any dust or debris. If wanted, you can then use peroxide in a tub or your washing machine to sterilize it further.

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