Power Knot LCD Liquid Compost Digester

Power Knot LCD Liquid Compost Digester


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Changing Waste Forever

The Liquid Compost Digester (LCD) was born from the idea of coming full circle in the growth cycle, from seed back to earth.

Innovating For the Future

Our cutting-edge Liquid Food Composter (LCD) has been used for close to a decade to eradicate food waste. Our natural desire to evolve, coupled with the explosion of the growing industry, led to the creation of the Liquid Compost Digester (LCD) and the results have been extraordinary. It has been a real adventure to modify, test, and implement the LCD. We regularly hear the phrase "this is a game-changer for the industry" and it couldn't be more accurate.

The LCD is here to change how this industry deals with green waste. Constructed from all stainless steel with a mirror finish, the LCD biodigesters are built to last with the lifespan of each machine expected to be 15 to 25 years.

The LCD uses a series of processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. The environment of the LCD, with our proprietary mixture of microbes and enzymes, accelerates the digestion of most plant products within 24 hours. The output is greywater that is environmentally safe. You can discharge this down the drain or use it to enrich your landscape.

The LCD by Powerknot comes in 7 different sizes with different voltage options on the smaller models.

Available sizes:

  • LCD-50 - 50 lbs. of waste per day (Available in 120 volt or 208 Volt)
  • LCD-70 - 70 lbs. of waste per day (Available in 120 volt or 208 Volt)
  • LCD-100 - 100 lbs. of waste per day (Available in 120 volt or 208 Volt)
  • LCD-200 - 200 lbs. of waste per day - 208 Volt (example picture shown here)
  • LCD-300 - 300 lbs. of waste per day - 208 Volt
  • LCD-500 - 500 lbs. of waste per day - 208 Volt
  • LCD-1000 - 1000 lbs. of waste per day - 208 Volt

All models have a 6 ft. power cord except for the LCD-1000 which has a 10 ft. power cord.

Powerknot LCD 200

Features & Benefits of the LCD Biodigester

  • Decomposes plant/biomass waste at your facility
  • Displays statistics on usage and plant waste digested
  • Incorporates comprehensive diagnostics and service schedule
  • Waste is decomposed within 24 hours
  • Continuous digestion process without emptying
  • Discharge from machine is safe to enter sewage system
  • Simple & safe operation
  • Color touch screen interface
  • Weight of waste is continusouly monitored and reported
  • Connects to the cloud so statistics on usage, diagnostics, and service schedules can be monitored remotely
  • Air-tight tank provides quiet and odor-free operation
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Significantly reduces carbon footprint of business
  • Reduces size, quantity, and smells of trash bins
  • Three year warranty
  • Worldwide sales, service, and suppor

Simple Operation

The LCD is constantly digesting the waste and you can add plant waste at any time. Simply open the door, throw it in, and close the door. In this way, you can view the LCD as a bottomless bucket.

The motor on the LCD won’t run while the door is open for safety. Your operation can be streamlined because large bins and plastic bags are no longer needed to hold plant waste. Instead, smaller bins are used that help avoid injuries to employees

All configuration, indications, reports, and statistics are available through the touch screen. The operator doesn’t need to use the touch screen and for most applications, the default settings work well. All configurable parameters are protected by passwords.


The LCD is designed to be as maintenance free as possible. Basic maintenance could not be easier and is very minimal. Yearly check-ups are recommended and we have a vast network of service staff worldwide to support the LCD.



We offer 24/7 support through our cloud software which monitors almost every aspect of the LCD. Temperatures, amp readings, warnings, and the overall weight of the machine can be viewed from your desktop or mobile phone. Automated alerts can be sent to either your phone, or email should there be any issues with the LCD, or if you just simply want to log on to see how much waste has been digested that day.


The LCD can be installed, commissioned and your staff fully trained in most cases in one day.


Connection to the LCD Cloud

The LCD can connect through its Ethernet port to a cloud server maintained by Power Knot. The LCD securely sends data about the operation of the LCD to the server and that data is retained for five years. The data includes the amount of plant waste digested hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly; the number of times the door is opened in these periods, and the amount of CO2 diverted from the landfill during these periods. If you have multiple machines, you can aggregate the data into a single report.

Remotely, you can view the health of the system including all diagnostics and when the LCD requires scheduled maintenance. You have access to view and manipulate the data from any computer, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in the world. This access is available as long as you own the LCD at no charge to you.

The LCD Cloud can send you an e-mail with daily, weekly, or monthly statistics, alert you when it is time for periodic maintenance, and send an e-mail if there seems to be a problem with the LCD. For as long as the LCD is under warranty, Power Knot can also monitor your LCD at no charge.

Powerchips & Powerzyme

Each LCD machine includes a base set of Powerchips and Powerzyme. Powerchips are the medium for the microorganisms and Powerzyme is the microorganisms and enzymes.

  • LCD-50 - Includes 50 liters of Powerchips and 0.5 liters of Powerzyme
  • LCD-70 - Includes 70 liters of Powerchips and 0.7 liters of Powerzyme
  • LCD-100 - Includes 100 liters of Powerchips and 1 liters of Powerzyme
  • LCD-200 - Includes 200 liters of Powerchips and 2 liters of Powerzyme
  • LCD-300 - Includes 300 liters of Powerchips and 3 liters of Powerzyme
  • LCD-500 - Includes 500 liters of Powerchips and 5 liters of Powerzyme
  • LCD-1000 - Includes 1000 liters of Powerchips and 10 liters of Powerzyme - Also includes Bin Tipper

Our digesters were developed for food waste over a decade ago, and have been instrumental in the foodservice industry. With the explosion of the legal growing industry we saw the need to address the waste problems that would inevitably be created, and in 2018 set our R&D team in Silicon Valley to the task of converting our LCD to the digestion of grower waste. The results have been exceptional. We were guided by long-established growers with over 30 years of experience in the industry to fully understand all the waste issues and allow us a better awareness of the industry and plant overall.

Specifications for the LCD Liquid Compost Digester

Waste Removal Capacity:Digests 50 lbs (23 kg) per day.
Maximum Power:690 Watts
Supply Voltage:120 Volt/Single phase or 208 Volt/3 phase
Weight when empty:368 lbs. (167 kg)
Weight when full:530 lbs. max (240 kg)
Waste Removal Capacity:Digests 70 lbs (32 kg) per day.
Maximum Power:700 Watts
Supply Voltage:120 Volt/Single phase or 208 Volt/3 phase
Weight when empty:454 lbs. (206 kg)
Weight when full:686 lbs. max (311 kg)
Waste Removal Capacity:Digests 100 lbs (45 kg) per day.
Maximum Power:850 Watts
Supply Voltage:120 Volt/Single phase or 208 Volt/3 phase
Weight when empty:529 lbs. (240 kg)
Weight when full:860 lbs. max (390 kg)
Waste Removal Capacity:Digests 200 lbs (90 kg) per day.
Maximum Power:850 Watts
Supply Voltage:208 Volt - Three Phase
Weight when empty:720 lbs. (325 kg)
Weight when full:1380 lbs. max (625 kg)
Waste Removal Capacity:Digests 300 lbs (137 kg) per day.
Maximum Power:1640 Watts
Supply Voltage:208 Volt - Three Phase
Weight when empty:1235 lbs. (560 kg)
Weight when full:2230 lbs. max (1010 kg)
Waste Removal Capacity:Digests 500 lbs (230 kg) per day.
Maximum Power:2400 Watts
Supply Voltage:208 Volt - Three Phase
Weight when empty:1760 lbs. (800 kg)
Weight when full:3415 lbs. max (1150 kg)
Waste Removal Capacity:Digests 1000 lbs (450 kg) per day.
Maximum Power:4400 Watts
Supply Voltage:208 Volt - Three Phase
Weight when empty:2930 lbs. (1330 kg)
Weight when full:6280 lbs. max (2850 kg)

Models LCD-50, LCD-70, and LCD-100 are also available with an AC Supply of 208 Volt - Three Phase

Tech Specs