Ideal-Air™ is a supplier of commercial-grade air conditioners, dehumidifiers, ducting & related equipment. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Ideal-Air specializes in products for the Do-it-Yourself grower.

Ideal-Air air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and ventilation parts

Ideal-Air products help keep your grow room environment stable

If you are unfamiliar with the environmental conditions necessary for indoor growing, start with our full guide on grow room atmosphere and ventilation.

Once you understand what makes a good grow room environment, you will see how important the equipment Ideal-Air supplies is. They manufacture products such as:

Each product is built with the best quality components and materials available in the market. For example, we use heavy-duty powder coated, sheet metal housings instead of plastic. Each and every unit comes with easy to follow instructions and includes step by step diagrams for simple set-up and use.

All Ideal-Air™ products are backed by a warranty that is unparalleled in our business. Our technical assistance and repair facilities are known for their quick turnaround time and their high level of service. These are products created for our industry, by our industry, and it shows.

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