Hormex Snip'n Dip Rooting Powder #3, .75 oz.

Hormex Snip'n Dip Rooting Powder #3, .75 oz.

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Hormex offers a choice of five hormone-based “Hormogenized™” Rooting Powders. After 50 years it’s still the finest root producing powder and the only rooting powders to offer 5 strengths for every rooting variety and propagating condition.

Snip'n Dip #3 is intended for woody and semi-woody plants including evergreens.

  • Clone plants and root cuttings
  • Superior results compared to any other rooting product
  • Naturally time released for best results
  • Works in all growing mediums
  • Great for air layering & grafting
  • Used by the worlds top propagators for over 55 years
  • Hormogenized™ for consistent plant growth

Recommended for Arbor-vitae, Azalea Dauricum, Azalea Mollis, Blueberry, Daphne, Elder, Ivy, Pyracantha, Juniperus Chinensis Pfitzeriana, Juniperus Sabina Fastigiata, Sequoia Gigantea, Roses.



Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)0.02
Width (in.)2
Height (in.)7
Length (in.)5
Lead TimeThis product ships in 3-5 Business Days
UL ListedNo
Prop 65No
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based

Hormex Snip'n Dip Rooting Powder #3, .75 oz. Reviews

Impressive results
I used your powder for the first time, I do double dip of two types but this was the first time with Hormex. They are the biggest roots I have ever seen. After 10 days in cubes they went to dixie cups (16 oz) The roots were wrapped twice around the bottom and the sides were all white with strong roots. I did not loose one cutting. I am feeling quite good about the future right now and I think your product was responsible. Thanks.