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Grotek Vital


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Calcium is known to play a pivotal role in contributing to a plant's success, and Grotek Vital gives growers a chance to get the level of calcium just right for their plants.

As an isolated component, it is possible to dial in a precise level of calcium. The formula also has ultra-low chloride content for better plant and soil vitality. Vital is an excellent choice for all gardens, but is a necessity when growing in Coco. Vital improves nutrient conditions to increase plant vigor and assist in times of peak growth. It also optimizes conditions for improved starch metabolism and catalytic ability. Calcium allows plants to effectively uptake and metabolize nitrates; as such, it is an essential component for any nitrates in solution. The calcium found in Vital (calcium carbonate) is modified into an acetate form, which makes it entirely water-soluble. This means that Vital is immediately plant available, so there is no lag between application and the plant’s opportunity to absorb and metabolize. Vital also avoids unnecessary chlorides, preventing the buildup of this potentially phytotoxic molecule.

Key Features:
  • Ultra-Low Chloride Content
  • Excellent for Coir
  • Supports Plant Vigour
  • Omri Listed for Organic Listing
  • Approved for organic agriculture by Ecocert Canada/Approuvé pour l'agriculture biologique par Ecocert Canada

Application Rate:Application Rate: 1L makes 500L of solution. Mix 1/2 tsp-3/4 tsp per 1.25 qt of water (2-3 ml / 1 L). In a soilless mix or water culture system, the product should be used on a weekly basis. In fruit, nut or specialty field crops, use product every 2-4 weeks during the growing season. For hydroponic us

Note:In soilless media and water culture, use Vital throughout the cropping cycle. Use 2 to 4 times a season in outdoor gardens.

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1 mL/L1 mL/L2 mL/L2 mL/L3 mL/L3 mL/L3 mL/L3 mL/L3 mL/L2 mL/L2 mL/LFlush
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