Heavy Duty Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tents is a premier grow tent brand, and provide the most durable tents in the industry. The Gorilla Grow Tents Lite Line is great for most people, but some growers may require a little more.

Heavy Duty Gorilla Grow Tents

The strongest grow tent on the market, by the strongest grow tent brand.

These tents are the tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tents ever created. The walls are 3x thicker than any other tent, which reduces odor penetration and noise. The strong pole structure of the Heavy Duty Gorilla Grow Tents can support up to 300 pounds.

Height Extension Kits Increase Canopy Height

These tents are already taller than standard grow tents, but every single tent comes with a 12" height extension kit. This way, you can grow as tall of plants as you need!

You can set your height at 7', 8', or 9' tall. Never again will you worry about your plants outgrowing their tent or environment!

The strength of Heavy Duty Gorilla Grow Tents

The canvas of these heavy duty tents are made from 1680D threaded, reflective fabric. This is 3-9x denser than any other grow tent setup on the market! This will further prevent odors from seeping out of the tent, while simultaneously decreasing noise.

The unique pattern of the walls provides greater light reflection, minimizing hot spots.

Gorilla Grow Tent Kits

The only thing that would make these tents better is if they came outfitted with everything you needed to grow.

But wait, they do! Check out all our Gorilla Grow Tent Kits here.

These tents include the grow light, ventilation system, growing method, and any growing accessories you could need.

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    • Exact Dimensions:
      48" x 48" x 83" - (95" height with included 12" extension)
    • Suggested Lighting:
      600 Watts or Equivalent
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