Flo-n-Gro specializes in hydroponic systems and components, and has a system for every grower experience level. Whether you want a complete ebb and flow system, or a simple net pot, Flo-n-Gro is a one-stop hydroponics manufacturer.

What Flo-n-Gro products are available at Hydrobuilder?

Flo-n-Gro produces a variety of hydroponic systems and components, and at Hydrobuilder, you will find the best prices on these. Perhaps more important than the pricing, however, is the service you will find here. Our expert growers are available at 888-815-9763 to answer any questions you may have.

Complete Flo-n-Gro Hydroponic Systems

Flo-n-Gro offers complete hydroponics systems, ranging from their 12 site ebb and flow system to their simple single bucket bubble system.

We have a variety of other quality hydro systems from reputable brands, and you can shop and compare them all here, in our complete hydroponic systems category.

Flo-n-Gro Hydroponic System Parts

We also carry system parts for your Flo-n-Gro systems, such as replacement buckets, expansions kits, net pots, and more.

Flo-n-Gro Reservoirs & Lids

If you are piecing a system together yourself, you may be interested in the reservoirs and lids by Flo-n-Gro. These reservoirs range in size from 1-50 gallons, all the way up to 100-150 gallons. They are made from high quality ABS plastic, and feature a UV inhibitor to lengthen their life.

You can shop all our hydroponic reservoirs and lids here.

Flo-n-Gro Grow Trays

The grow tray, sometimes referred to as a flood table, is responsible for actually holding your plants. This is where the nutrient solution will be sent from the reservoir.

You can shop all our grow trays and flood tables here.

Want to learn more about different hydroponics systems, and tips for your first time? Check out our complete guide to hydroponics.


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