Covert grow tents are the solution to growing on a budget without compromising quality. While Covert is predominantly known for its grow tents, that's just one product they manufacture. Covert LED grow lights and Covert Carbon Filter kits can also be found here at Hydrobuilder. When it comes to Covert, value is whats important. You will not find a better product for the price.

Covert Grow Tents

Made from 600D threat count fabric and held up by a solid frame, Covert grow tents are the best value you will find. The interior of Covert grow tents is 95% reflective and features light proof zippers. This prevents any light leaks, and drastically increases efficiency. Less money spent on electricity, and a completely sealed growing environment results in a more profitable grow.

Covert Grow Tent Kits

Covert grow tent kits are one of Hydrobuilder's most popular products. These packages include everything you need to start growing, including your choice of grow light (LED, HID, CMH, or Fluorescent), growing method (hydroponics or traditional pots), ventilation system and many other growing supplies.

For the price of Covert grow tent kits, you will not find similar quality elsewhere. Find popular lighting brands in these kits such as California LightWorks, KIND, Sun System, and many others!

Covert Carbon Filter Kits

Covert Carbon Filter Kits allow you to easily set up a ventilation system in your grow room or grow tent for a fraction of the price of other brands. These kits include:

The one common theme throughout all Covert products is you pay less for the same quality. Covert has bridged the gap to allow those growing on a budget access to high quality equipment and supplies.

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