Black Dog LED

One of the first to do it back in 2010, Black Dog LED grow lights are partially responsible for many of the innovations seen in indoor grow lighting.

Their philosophy is simple: They want to create the best possible plant grow lights. That means they don’t always worry about providing the cheapest light or even the most profitable light, but it does mean that they don’t cut any corners.

Black Dog LED grow lights

Why should I purchase Black Dog LED grow lights?

When you see the price of Black Dog's LED fixtures, you may be left wondering how they can justify their higher price point. There are a number of reasons for this. Black Dog manufactures grow lights for the most serious growers, hoping to cultivate the heaviest and most potent plants possible.

Science supports Black Dog LED grow lights

Black Dog LED believes in pushing the limits of what is currently known about using artificial light to grow plants. Some of the research Black Dog is conducting in their labs and their research and development department, is being conducted for the first time ever.

Black Dog is creating lights that, because of their combination of spectrum and power, are better for growing plants than anything produced before.

According to a recent study conducted comparing their LED grow light to a traditional HID grow light, you can increase profits from your harvest by 5% or more. After a few harvests, you will have easily paid off your new LED lights.

And this isn't even counting the savings from energy efficiency.

Black Dog Return Policy and Warranty

Black Dog LED does not believe in hype—they believe in fulfilling promises and that’s what their lights do. They know the quality of their products, and they stand behind them.

With a hassle-free, 90-day return policy and the best warranty in the business, Black Dog LED will always be here for you!

Want to learn more about using LED grow lights? Check out our full guide on growing with LED grow lights.

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