Agrowtek GrowControl DX Series Digital Intelligent Rail I/O Modules

Agrowtek GrowControl DX Series Digital Intelligent Rail I/O Modules


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A Versatile Din-Rail mounted IO module with a variety of I/O Options

GrowControl™ DX I/O modules for DIN rail are available in a variety of configurations for integration into standard control enclosures. DX modules allow a high I/O count in a more compact area than traditional relay modules at a lower cost. DX modules connect instantly to Agrowtek's GCX Cultivation Controls via a GrowNET™ port for advanced automated control functions.

Available Models:

Output module with eight DC FET outputs rated 1A max, 1A combined. Six of the outputs feature PWM capabilities. Designed for diriving relay and contactor coils in load panels.

Input modules with eight DC inputs selectable between 0-5Vdc or 0-20mA. Features an onboard 200mA 5Vdc power supply for driving sensors such as the SXL optical liquid sensor.

Mixed I/O modules features two analog inputs (0-5V or 0-20mA,) two DC FET outputs with PWM, and two form C dry-contact 10A relays.

DX series modules can be operated on 12-24Vdc.

GrowNET™ port accepts MODBUS RTU communication for PLC control. Internal digital controller operates relays with MODBUS commands and logs the total number or relay contact closures for each relay in memory. Easily recall manufacturing info such as unit serial number, date of manufacture, contact count, status, etc.

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