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Hydrofarm’s AgroBrite line (formerly known as EnviroGro) is a high lumen output, energy-saving grow light option for any growing environment.

Why Shop AgroBrite Grow Lights?

AgroBrite supplies indoor growers with high quality fluorescent grow lights, allowing plants to thrive. Their energy efficient T5 tubes deliver a full spectrum, with minimal heat, if any.

AgroBrite T5 systems feature specular aluminum interiors, powder-coated steel housing, fluorescent 6400K tubes, and multiple on-off switches on most models.

Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry AgroBrite desktop plant lights. These small, CFL lamps are perfect for growing one plant on a desk or counter top.

You can hang AgroBrite lighting three different ways – overhead, vertical, or horizontal – something to fit every indoor garden configuration. Whether you need a clone and seedling light, want some supplemental side lighting, or are tight on space and need to use a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), T5 or T12 to cultivate from seed to harvest – AgroBrite fluorescent grow lights get the job done.

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