AutoGrow Systems IntelliDose AutoDoser Kit with 3 Peristaltic Pumps

AutoGrow Systems IntelliDose AutoDoser Kit with 3 Peristaltic Pumps

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Autogrow Systems Product Documents

Intellidose Brochure

Intellidose Instructions

Automatically Manage Nutrient & pH Levels, Set Remote Alarms & Data Log Progress With A Nutrient Dosing System

The IntelliDose hydroponic doser is the most advanced and user friendly doser on the market. It has a wide range of possible applications, setting the industry standards for auto dosing! The IntelliDose will dose up to a 9 part blend (nutrients, additives, pH adjuster) while maintaining your preset EC and pH settings, and can be set up to control irrigation systems even lighting while using the AutoGrow Twin Relay Box.

Grower approved for 10 years, the IntelliDose sets the industry standard for automatic nutrient dosing, allowing you to dose up to a 9-part blend (nutrients, additives, pH adjuster) while maintaining your preset EC and pH settings. Automatically manage your nutrient and pH levels, set remote alarms and data-log your progress with one simple controller. Achieve better results with a nutrient dosing system.

The IntelliDose System can be controlled via the controller's LCD, a hardline to your PC, or remotely using an IntelliGrow account and the IntelliLink Kit.

Superbox Dimensions


The large, interactive screen allows you to easily maneuver between calibrating, set points, alarms and configuration. If you can program a number into a cell phone, you can program your IntelliDose.

Up To 4 Stations


The IntelliDose can run up to 4 irrigation stations, allowing different areas of your grow space to be watered on different schedules. Use one reservoir or have a pump feed each station at different times. You can also set your system to only irrigate during the daytime.

Autogrow Peristaltic Pump


Peristaltic pumps allow you to have all of your nutrient stock tanks on the ground, allowing for much larger quantities of pre-mixed solutions. This lowers the chance of leaks and spills, and will cut down on your labor. Autogrow’s peristaltic pumps are heavy duty, pumping 350ml/minute and can run any size reservoir (even over 1,000 gallons!) with ease.

With Or With Out PC


The IntelliDose has the ability to be connected to a PC, but it’s not necessary. Growers should determine their own privacy level; if you don’t want your controller online or connected to a PC, it doesn’t need to be.

Use Any Nutrient


Any nutrient line can be used with the IntelliDose - liquid or powder. Simply determine your proper dilution ratios (don’t worry, we can help) and the IntelliDose will keep the reservoir at your perfect recipe 24/7.

What's Included

  • IntelliDose
  • 24V DC 2.5A Power Supply - Universal Plug
  • EC Probe
  • pH Electrode
  • Sample Pot With All Fittings
  • 3m USB Cable
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Calibration Solutions
  • Instruction Manual
  • Three (3) Peristaltic Pump
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Tubing adapters

System Features

  • Measure nutrients in EC/CF/TDS (500/640/700 scale)
  • User determined temperature and date format
  • pH lower or raise
  • Able to set different EC for day and night
  • Able to lower EC by adding water
  • Four types of alarms (local, PC, text, email)
  • Irrigation pump output
  • Fail safe dosing shut offs
  • Sequential dosing to prevent power surges

Dosing Shut Off

  • If nutrient is below 0.1EC, 1.0CF, 10PPM
  • If pH is below 4.5 or above 8.0
  • If sensor fault is detected
  • If dosing effect is counterintuitive (by dosing pH lower, the measured pH goes up)

Typical IntelliDose Set Up

Typical Set Up

In Depth With The IndelliDose System

Access Your Operation Remotely With Intelligrow & IntelliLink

With IntelliGrow, your Intelli devices are accessible via your web browser so you can control your growing operation via a hardline set up or remotely from your phone, tablet, or computer using the IntelliLink Kit. IntelliGrow gives you complete visibility 24 hours a day and enables you to manage multiple locations from the comfort of your office, using a single sign on. Automatically manage your environment settings, set remote alarms and data log your progress with this one simple solution. Remote access is achieved using the IntelliLink Kit, giving you the most freedom possible while mainting your grow opteration.

Units Of Measurement

You may select either EC, CF or TDS (ppm) units for the nutrient strength and either degrees C or degrees F for temperature. The acidity or alkalinity is always measured in pH. In this manual, we use EC (electrical conductivity) to denote either EC, CF or TDS. The date format is selectable between mm/dd/yy and dd/mm/yy formats. (The TDS standard used for this controller is EC x 500 but it is also possible to select EC x 640 and EC x 700)

One Part Or Two-Part Dosing

For 1-part dosing, only one dosing pump is used to add nutrient to the mixing tank. When 2-part dosing is selected then two dosing pumps will be used to add part A and part B stock solutions. In this case it is sometimes found the part A and part B do not dose at exactly the same rate (one tank empties quicker than the other). There are a number of reasons why this may occur including different pipe arrangements, filters partly blocked, tanks or dosing valves mounted at different heights and even the difference in specific densities of the stock solutions. To compensate for this, you may adjust the two dose rates electronically by reducing either A or B dose rates below 100%. (Always leave one at 100% and reduce the other).

Multi-part Dosing

With 3 to 9-part dosing, the ratios may be varied to suit a feeding schedule as recommended by the nutrient supplier. In this case the ratios between all the nutrient parts can be individually varied. A schedule may be added with IntelliGrow which will automatically vary the nutrient ratios and EC as required. This can be used to gradually and automatically change the mix from vegetative to generative whilst at the same time gradually changing the EC.

Sequential Dosing (Default ON)

This causes the dosing pumps or valves to activate in sequence, one after the other and allows high current valves or pumps to be connected to the unit without fear of overloading the controller or its power adapter. If in doubt about the current required to drive the pumps, always select sequential dosing. If 3 or more nutrient parts are selected sequential dosing is enforced to avoid damage to the controller.

Proportional Dosing (Default OFF)

This causes the dose size to automatically vary in proportion to the error, it is useful when you want the tank to dose up quickly. If this is selected, then the dose size is specified as both a maximum and minimum dose time. The controller then looks at the size of the error and if large, will give large doses, as the EC or pH setpoint is approached, the controller will give smaller doses. This is useful in irrigating (drip) systems that do not re-circulate as it allows rapid dosing after each irrigation occurs. This feature is not available with more than a 2 part mix.

Different EC For Day & Night

This feature is useful for crops needing a weaker solution during the heat of the day and a stronger mix when it cools at night time. The user can define when “day” starts and ends and this does not have to align in with actual day time i.e. you can set day to start at 11am and end at 3:30pm if you wish. Note: The controller has capability of strengthening the mixture by dosing and weakening the mixture by adding water.

Automatic Addition Of Water

By installing a mixing tank with two water level ball valves, one at a low level and other at a high level it is possible for the controller to dilute the nutrient tank by adding water. This is done by operating a solenoid valve in line with the high-level valve.


This allows a pump to switch on periodically for a set time to irrigate plants in pots or bags. The irrigation can be specified to operate in “day only” mode or it can have a different interval set for day and night. For example, you could set it to irrigate for 4 minutes every 1 hour 35 minutes during the day and for 4 minutes every 5 hours at night (or not at all during the night). Alternatively, it can be set to come on once every day at the same time. This could be used to operate lighting (instead of irrigation) for indoor crops. You can utilize an Autogrow Twin Relay Box to run your pump from the IntelliDose.

Fail safe dosing

Dosing may be inhibited if any of the following conditions are detected.

  • EC is measured less than 0.1 or greater than 6
  • pH is measured less than 4.5 or greater than 8


The alarms can be enabled on the controller buzzer or to text/email you when using IntelliGrow. Each of these can be silenced or enabled. Any enabled alarm will sound when a relevant reading deviates outside set limits.

System Specifications

Specification Measurement
Voltage 9 outputs 24VDC
Nutrient Measurement Units EC, CF or TDS (500/640/700)
Measured Range 0.00 to 9.99EC, 0.1 to 99.99CF, 0 to 7000PPM
Nutrient Resolution .01mS/cm, 0.1CF
Nutrient Measurement Accuracy +/-0.1EC, 1.0CF or 10PPM – Temperature compensated
Nutrient Dosing Range 0.00 to 5.99EC, 0.1 to 59.9CF, 0 to 4200PPM
pH Resolution & Accuracy – 0.1pH
pH Measurement Range 2pH to 12pH
pH Dosing Range 4.5 to 8 pH
Nutrient & pH Dosing Time Range 1 second to 30 minutes
Dosing Interval Range 0 minutes (continuous dosing) to 244 minutes
Temperature Resolution & Accuracy 1C/2F
Temperature Range 0-50C/32-125F
Operating Temperature Range 0-50C/32-125F (not in direct sunlight)
Operating Temperature Range 0-50C/32-125F (not in direct sunlight)
Tech Specs


BrandAutogrow Systems
Weight (lb.)17
Height (in.)6
Prop 65No
Lead TimeThis product ships in 1 week
Length (in.)14
Width (in.)12
UL ListedNo

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