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Indoor grow tents are the economic answer to urban gardening. Bring your herbs, vegetables, and other plants indoors and grow in even the smallest of spaces! Indoor grow tents offer a convenient and practical way to create the ideal environment for your plants. This gives growers the ability to adjust temperature, humidity and photo period (light cycle) to optimize plant growth.

Hydrobuilder carries only the strongest, most durable grow tents on the market. Browse our selection of the highest quality and most popular tents available from Hydrobuilder and our friends at Gorilla Grow Tents, to Secret Jardin, Hydrofarm, and more! Choose from Hydrobuilder.com's selection of complete grow tent packages and save by everything at once. Select your desired tent size and decide between HID grow tent packages, LED grow tent packages or fluorescent grow tent packages. We’ve included the appropriate carbon filter, lighting accessories, inline fan, ducting, and controllers you’ll need to get up and running quickly. Grab a friend to help you assemble your tent and get growing!

Don’t see quite what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we can help you design your perfect indoor grow room.