Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' Heavy Duty Grow Tent

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Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' Heavy Duty Grow Tent

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  • Set-Up Dimensions
    120" x 120" x 83" - (95" height with included 12" extension)
  • Suggested Plant Count:
  • Suggested Lighting
    (4) 1,000 Watts Lights or Equivalent
  • Recommended Ventilation
    750+ CFM
  • Exterior Material
    1680D Thread Count Terylene Canvas

Gorilla Grow Tent Product Documents

Gorilla Grow Tent™ 10 x 10 Assembly Instructions

The Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' Heavy Duty Grow Tent is the best way to start your indoor grow if you are looking to cultivate 36-48 plants. This premium, durable tent has a footprint of 120" x 120" x 83", but it can have the ceiling extended up to 3'! We recommend using four 1,000 watt grow lights, and a ventilation system up to 750+ CFM.

Why Grow In The Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10'?

There is no tent that can compete with the Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' in terms of durability, innovation, and quality. It is the tallest, thickest tent on the market that brings a ton of features to make your job easier. It will last longer than any other tent out there, making it a great investment whether you are a first-time grower looking for the best from the start or a seasoned green thumb looking to update your current setup.

Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' Features:

  • 1680D “Easy On” Grow Tent
  • 100% Metal Interlocking, Sturdy Frame & Connectors
  • Free 12″ Height Extension Kit Included
  • Infrared Blocking Roof Insertion
  • Convenient Access Tool Pouch
  • Heavy Duty Flood Protection Pool
  • 11″ Double Cinching, No Leak Ducting Ports
  • Thick “Easy Engage” Zippers
  • 360 Degree “Wrap Around” Access
  • Micro Mesh Pest Control Pre-Filters
  • Easy Set Up Instructions
  • Tender Love & Care For All of Your Grows

Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ x 6’11”
  • Height with 1 ft. Extension Kit: 7’11” (included)
  • Height with 2 ft. Extension Kit: 8’11” (sold separately)
  • Weight: 159 lbs.
  • Canvas Density: 1680D
  • Pole Diameter: 22mm
  • Door Quantity: 3
  • Ducting Port Quantity: 14 (11" Double Cinching)
  • Electrical Port Quantity: 8 (3")

Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' Optional Accessories:

  • High CFM Kits - The high CFM kit is to help prevent your indoor grow tent walls from sucking in due to high amounts of negative pressure from exhaust systems.
  • Extensions Kits - Increase the height of your tent for more growing space.
  • Trellis Netting - These perfectly sized durable nylon trellises with hooks that easily attach to any diameter pole, creating a sturdy support structure for the heaviest flowers.
  • Gear Boards - It snaps to your existing tent poles and maximizes space by removing floor items from your growing area. Hang oscillating fans, expensive meters, and monitors up off your floor.
  • Wire Racks - Allows you to keep your grow floor free of nutrients, pots soil bags, and other indoor growing equipment. Remember, a happy grower is an organized grower.

Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10'

GGT Thick Fabric


Constructed with 1680D thread density fabric (compared to 200D-600D) is up to 9x denser than any other grow tent, making it Ideal for experts and perfect for beginners.

GGT Strong Poles


Gorilla Grow Tent features all steel poles with steel interlocking pins for a frame that is up to 2-5x stronger than any competitor’s tent frame.

GGT Diamond Reflectivity


Diamond Reflection Technology, redistributes up to 30% more lumens, creating less waste & giving your plants more of what they need to thrive.

Adjust the height of your Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' For The Biggest Plants Possible:

Most grow tents come with a standard height around 6' or 7', but the Heavy-duty Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' comes with a 1' extension kit, taking it up to 8' tall. If this isn't enough, you can grab the 2' extension kit to reach 9' tall, or a remarkable 10' when you stack the two extension kits on one another. Start growing huge, potent plants with more headspace than you know what to do with!

Tallest Grow Tents

Why Height Matters

There are two main advantages to using a grow tent with added height. For one, you can grow bigger, taller plants, getting you heavier harvests in the same square footage. This is reason enough on its own, but there is a second benefit to using the height extensions by GGT.

With more vertical space, heat and humidity disperse more effectively, helping you control the environment in your grow tent easier than ever before. When your plants have more room to breathe, they will be able to thrive.

The Thickest Fabric And Frame Ever:

GGT has come to be known as the strongest grow tent on the market. This is due to the industry leading fabric and frame. The fabric used on this Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' is classified as "Ripsistant". It's 1680D threaded, reflective fabric, which is 9x stronger than the competition while providing the best reflection possible on the inside, getting the most out of your grow lighting. This fabric makes the tent more lightproof, durable, quieter, and odorproof than he competition.

The strong, metal poles that comprise the frame are a great compliment, as they are up to 5x stronger than competitor tents. They feature locking fasteners that make snapping the poles together easy, and they won't come undone unless you want them to. The thick, viewing windows and corners of the tent are reinforced to create the ultimate seal, along with the strong zippers for the most durability and security ever seen in a grow tent.

Protection From Spills, Heat, Falls, And Bugs

Indoor growing is all about bringing the garden inside, which means the messes come inside too. A grow tent does wonders in sealing off this mess from the rest of your home or facility, but sometimes, big spills or messes can leak out of the tent, destroying your hardwood or carpet.

That won't be an issue with the Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' , as it features a flood pool that actually holds spills, and the fabric is so dense that water cannot penetrate. The fabric also features bug resistant, micro-mesh pre-filters to keep any insects and mold spores from infiltrating the tent.

Managing heat in the grow tent isn't always easy, as you typically don't have the space to bring in an A/C. We already mentioned that the added head height does aid a bit in this, but GGT took things even further. They built a patent-pending infrared blocking insulated roof, which helps cool down the exterior of your tent and further manage heat. Due to the strong frame, you also don't need to worry about your lights, hoods, or filters falling onto you or your plants.

Your Easiest, Most Rewarding Growing Experience Yet

The Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' is easy to setup, as well as easy to grow in. It was thoughtfully designed to create the best growing experience possible, with smart features such as velcro door strips to keep the doors open while you work and EZ viewing windows to check on your plants without compromising the growing environment.

This tent also features unique 360 degree access, meaning you can get to any part of the tent you need to, whereas others make it a bit harder. The added head height creates a working environment where you don't have to hunch over to prevent smacking your head on the ceiling. The Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' also features perfectly designed ducting ports, so dialing in your ventilation system is super easy and intuitive. There is simply no tent that can compete with the GGT 10 x 10, so make the investment today!


Tech Specs


BrandGorilla Grow Tent
Weight (lb.)159
Prop 65No
Length (in.)120
Width (in.)120
Height (in.)83
Warranty1 Year
Lead TimeThis product ships in 14 Business Days
Grow Tent Size10ft x 10ft
Suggested Plant Count36-48
Set-Up Dimensions120" x 120" x 83" - (95" height with included 12" extension)
Suggested Lighting(4) 1,000 Watts Lights or Equivalent
Recommended Ventilation750+ CFM
Doors(1) Large Door
Vents(3) 7" x 15" Air Vents
Windows(2) Small Windows
Ducting Ports(14) 11" Ducting Ports
Electrical Ports(8) 3" Electrical Ports
Interior MaterialDiamond Reflection Technology
Exterior Material1680D Thread Count Terylene Canvas
Includes Spill TrayYes

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Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' Heavy Duty Grow Tent Reviews

This tent is awesome ! Well put together Heavy Duty !! Well Packaged. I definitely recommend.

Worth the extra nickle ninety-eight
Though this is my first tent, I am impressed with the quality. The material is thick, zippers are not finicky to start and run, velcro is situated well and strong. After several months of use, I am glad that I chose Gorilla.

Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10'
I just want to say thank you for your products. They have achieved my goals of successfully being able to garden indoors. Your products have never let me down! You guys make me love gardening even more! I have recommended you guys to my friends and family looking for good gardens! I am like a living testimony for you guys! I appreciate your time to read this, I know you get a lot of these but I mean everything with all my heart. All the best guys! I’ll never stop believing in your wonderful magic!

- Originally posted on Gorillagrowtent .com

Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10'
They are built like no other tent I have seen and I’ve seen a lot of them!
- Originally posted on Gorillagrowtent .com

Light leaks
I wouldn't recommend this tent lots of pin hole size holes and light leaks from the bottom zipper.

Strongest Tent
I've used several tents over the years and Gorilla Grow Tents are by far the strongest, most durable tents I've come across. Strong enough to hold all of my equipment and then some! Highly recommend this line to all of my family and friends.