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Grow Lights

Indoor Grow Lighting

There are four popular types of grow lights home growers typically use; LED, HID, CMH (a.k.a. LEC) and Fluorescent. Each type comes with it's own pros and cons for indoor growing and which type is best for you depends on your personal preference and your particular home grow. For more information call our indoor grow light experts at 1-888-815-9763. Learn More.

Popular CMH Lighting
Popular LED Lighting

Adjustable Spectrum

Popular HID Lighting

Great Starter Package

Popular Fluorescent Lighting
Grow Lighting

From bulb to ballast, Hydrobuilder has every type of grow light you could need to create your own indoor grow including LED, LEC, HID, Fluorescents and commercial grade grow lights. We have complete grow light kits or build your own with the best bulbs, ballasts and reflectors in the home grower industry. Call our indoor grow lighting experts today to help find the grow light setup that's right for you 1-888-815-9763.