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Propagation lighting is a type of grow lighting that is designed to provide the specific spectrum of light that is required for the optimal growth and development of seeds and clones. The spectrum of light that is most beneficial for propagation is in the blue range (400-500nm), which promotes the growth of leaves and stems. Propagation lighting is often used in combination with a propagation tray or dome, which helps to maintain high levels of humidity and temperature to promote germination and rooting. The lighting is typically placed very close to the plants, and the duration of light exposure is gradually increased as the plants grow.

In addition to providing the proper spectrum of light, propagation lighting should also be energy-efficient and cool-running to prevent the plants from becoming too hot and drying out. LED propagation lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency, low heat output, and adjustable spectrum capabilities.

Favorite Cloning/Seedling LED Lights

LED lights are an excellent choice for propagation and seedlings for several reasons. Overall, LED lights are an excellent choice for propagation and seedlings due to their energy efficiency, adjustable spectrum, low heat output, and long lifespan.

Top Fluorescent Lights For Seed Starting & Plant Cloning

Fluorescent T5 grow lights on of the best forms of propagation lighting. They’re ultra-efficient and produce virtually no heat. While they may not be suitable for full-cycle growing, particularly if you’re growing flowering crops, they can help you cultivate herbs and certain small plants indoors without even noting them on your energy bill.

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Cloning Machines

Cloning Machines

Cloning plants is one of the two methods of propagation, and is preferred by many growers over planting fresh seeds.

Seed Starting Supplies

Seed Starting Supplies

Propagation trays, domes, and rooting plugs work together to create the perfect environment for clones or seedlings.

Seedling Heat Mats

Seedling Heat Mats

Temperature is a crucial aspect of this environment, and seedlings and clones do best in a range of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rooting Hormones

Rooting Hormones

If you’re looking to supercharge root growth, you need natural plant rooting hormone powders, gels, or solutions.

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