Cloning Systems

Learn about cloning supplies and complete cloning systems for getting started fast. Cloning gels and root enhancers to improve clone success.

Cloning Systems

Cloning plants produces fast results from a reliable genetic source. It’s one of the easiest ways to guarantee consistent quality. Plus, it’s cheaper than buying seeds. Why not have the best tools for the job?

Compared to cloning with root-plugs or pellets, cloning machines provide a higher success rate and avoid many of the pitfalls of the cloning procedure such as over or under watering.


Clone humidity dome

Why Young Plants Need Cloning Systems

Seedlings and cuttings are especially prone to failure due to their under developed root structures. Cloning systems focus on root care and nurture healthy, dense roots. Young plants require elevated levels of humidity, often around 70%. Many cloning systems also include a heating pad to elevate air and grow media temperature since warmer air can hold more water vapor and elevated grow media temperature nurtures moisture uptake and root development. Air movement is also important to cut down on mildew or rot under such humid conditions. Young plants do not need as much light as mature plants so it is important to size your light and proximity to the plant canopy correctly for maximum benefit. New plants need careful monitoring and cloning machines offer a higher rate of success as well as an added level of automation.


How To Cut A Clone

Cut a branch from the lower part of the plant. Any branch can technically turn into a clone but lower branches tend to have stronger concentrations of nutrients due to their proximity to the grow media. The cut must be at a 45 degree angle and with a clean pair of scissors or knife in order prevent introducing disease into the plant. After, branches should be immediately dipped into water and coated with cloning gel or root enhancer.



Once this done the cutting should be placed into Rockwool or held with a neoprene plug to secure it in the cloning machine. After a week or so new root structures should start to emerge from the stem. They are fragile and should not be disturbed.




Once roots are about 2" inches long or protruding through the rockwool, it is time to transplant the new plants into their final vegetative media.




Cloning is a great way to start quickly instead of waiting for seeds to germinate and allows you to continue growing from a dependable strain of plant with characteristics that you already know.


Complete Cloning Systems

Cloning systems provide a ready medium to get you started fast. Complete cloning systems provide a great start for your plants as well as a way to organize your plants. It is critical to know where each clone was taken from in order to keep track of each strain you are planning to grow. Many cloning systems utilize hydroponic or aeroponic growing methods to grow more efficiently. Learn more about how hydroponic and aeroponic systems work.


Aeroponic Diagram Aeroponics cloning diagram



Cloning Gels and Root Enhancers

Clones start out very fragile and any extra boost you can give them helps to ensure a healthy mature plant comes from your efforts. This is where cloning gels and root enhancers come into play. They provide a way to seal the area where your clone was cut from the mother plant and trigger the clones to start a healthy root system in an area of the plant that was previously not a root zone. Many provide hormones to stimulate growth as well as provide antifungal and antibacterial elements to protect new roots.


Top Cloning Gels & Root Enhancers




Root Zone Optimizers

Root zone optimizers work to strengthen and enhance the roots of your plants. They reduce mineral build-up as well as reduce the habitat for harmful root toxins and plant pathogens. We highly recommend UC Roots from Cultured Solutions. It can also be used to sterilize grow media such as clay pebbles or grow stones before or after a grow cycle. UC Roots will work with any brand of nutrient products and makes an excellent addition to any grow cycle.


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