Hydroponic Grow Cabinets

What is a hydroponic grow cabinet?

A hydroponic grow cabinet, also known as a grow box, is a stealthy way of cultivating plants in an indoor hydroponic system. Grow cabinets and boxes provide an ideal environment for plants, sealed off from the rest of the house. As a grower, you want to be able to fine tune things like humidity, temperature, and light. By sealing your environment in a grow box, you can achieve this easily.

Similar to a grow tent, these grow cabinets contain your garden (including smells!) and maintain your privacy. Hydroponic grow cabinet systems are more durable, as they are constructed from wood. They are generally more space efficient than a grow tent, and also blend in with furniture, sometimes appearing to be no more than a typical dresser!

What is included in hydroponic grow cabinet kits?

At Hydrobuilder, our grow cabinet kits from Super Closet come with everything you need to start growing hydroponically, including:

Why use a hydroponic grow cabinet?

The main reason grow boxes and cabinets have exploded in popularity is due to the stealth and control they provide growers. Many of these boxes blend in as normal house furniture, or look like a typical cabinet. They have locks on them, preventing any unwanted visitors from snooping on your plants or messing with the controls.

Just like a grow tent, you can create an environment conducive to strong, healthy plant growth in one of these cabinets. The ventilation system allows you to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, while cycling in fresh air every few minutes. The ventilation system allows eliminates odors, preventing smells from seeping into other areas of the house!

The sealed environment prevents light leaks, and prevent light from getting in during dark periods. The reflective walls ensure all light is directed onto the canopy, and from various angles. This closed box system also prevents pests from harming your plants!

Another benefit of grow boxes is they contain the mess of growing. These systems keep spills and plant debris within the system, so when the plants life cycle ends, clean up is super easy.

These grow boxes come plug and play, meaning you can start growing within a few hours of receiving your box system!

Choosing the right grow cabinet kit

When deciding which hydro grow cabinet is right for you, consider the number of plants you want to grow along with how much space you have. There are grow boxes smaller in size that are perfect for cultivating 1-10 plants in restricted spaces. If space is not an issue and you wish to grow a larger crop, we offer grow cabinets that can grow up to 40 plants!

If you have any questions about growing in a cabinet or box, reach out to our experienced growing staff at 888-815-9763 and let us answer your questions! If you want to learn more about growing hydroponically, check out our learning center!


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