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Hydroponic Grow Cabinets

The uses for a hydroponic growing cabinet

Admittedly, there is some confusion over the difference between a hydroponic grow cabinet and grow tent. The most major distinction is while a grow tent is most often used for cultivating seedlings or for rooting clones, a hydroponic grow cabinet is a completely self-sustained hydroponic growing system.

A hydroponic grow cabinet is a fully automated hydroponic grow box.

A hydroponic grow cabinet is a fully self-sustaining hydroponic grow system in a small package. Most often they contain everything you need to get a hydroponic garden up and running in no time.

These micro-gardens are perfect for very small urban spaces and are perfect for the hobbyist grower looking to produce their own crop for personal use. A hydroponic grow cabinet is also perfect for the small commercial grower looking to cultivate smaller, more specialty crops such as high-end herbs or small specialty green crops for the retail or restaurant industries.

The advantages of a fully contained hydroponic growing cabinet.

The main advantage of a hydroponic grow system is that they can accommodate the entire grow cycle from seed to harvest. Because they are a fully self-contained system a hydroponic growing cabinet functions perfectly without the headache of constantly and closely monitoring the system.

Because a hydroponic growing cabinet so carefully cultivates your grow under such tightly controlled and ideal conditions, you will experience a phenomenal growth cycle from seedling to mature plants and ultimately the harvest.

Why use a hydroponic growing cabinet at all?

Another huge advantage is that because the hydroponic growing cabinet is completely a self-contained system the plants are not exposed to any harmful pests or pathogens that can overtake a traditional hydroponic system literally overnight.

This is a huge factor for cultivating a high-yield, high quality grow in a small, self-contained complete system. This makes them worth at least a try in small, urban settings while still maximizing a quality yield. The end result is a healthier grow with stronger, bushier plants and an increased yield in a remarkably small package. Hydroponic growing cabinets are also gaining favor with some growers because they maximize usable yields under completely controlled conditions.

What is a hydroponic micro grow system and when are they beneficial?

Micro grow hydroponic systems are ideal for extremely small space hydroponic gardens without compromising quality or yield. These are ideal for the home or weekend grower who wants to experience success without constantly having to monitor the system.

A micro grow system provides even the weekend grower with an opportunity to successfully provide their own family or even their community with fresh, healthy produce that normally would never be available to them.

Thanks to micro grow hydroponic cabinets there is no longer a need to devote an entire room to an extensive traditional hydroponic garden and the work that comes along with that. These small units carry a big punch while easily fitting in a corner of a room that would normally be wasted space.


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