Hydroponic Air Stones & Air Diffusers

Without sufficient oxygen in the root zone, plants will see a host of problems. They will lose their ability to absorb nutrients, and in some severe cases, can even drown!

What is an air stone?

A hydroponic air stone or diffuser works in conjunction with an air pump. These stones and diffusers sit directly in the hydroponic reservoir, while the pump itself sits outside.

An air stone is the more traditional means of providing oxygen to the nutrients, but diffusers have recently gained popularity for hydroponic purposes. An air diffuser features the unique ability to be bent into rings, and provide a more even distribution of air to the reservoir. Air stones are less efficient, and can get clogged easily.

What does an air stone or diffuser do?

The air pump connects to the stone, and delivers oxygen to it. The stone or diffuser then emits tiny air bubbles into the reservoir, oxygenating the hydroponic nutrient solution. Dissolved oxygen is very important in the nutrient solution, because it makes the nutrients ready for absorption by the roots.

When adding nutrients into the reservoir, turning on your air stone or diffuser will help mix them evenly.

Do you need an air stone or diffuser for hydroponics?

In plants grown in traditional pots or in soil outdoors, oxygen is readily available through the porous nature of the growth media used. In hydroponics, often times roots are fully submerged and oxygen is not available at all.

DWC systems and ebb and flow systems feature a total or period flooding of the root zone respectively, and thus absolutely need oxygen through an air stone or diffuser.

Other systems like the hydroponic drip are not submerged in water, and aeroponic systems are regarded for their natural aeration. Nevertheless, for the negligible price of an air stone, there is no reason not to supplement your plant with additional oxygen!

Want to learn more about these devices? We have a full guide to air stones and diffusers in our learning center, along with other hydroponics articles!

If you have any questions, our experienced growers are available at 888-815-9763 and are ready to help you!

If you have any other questions regarding hydroponics, be sure to check out that section of our learning center, or give us a call at 888-815-9763 and have one of our experienced growers help you today!


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