Hydroponic Bubble Cloners

Whether you are growing in a hydroponic system or not, the most efficient way to clone plants is with a hydroponic or aeroponic cloning machine. Hydroponic deepwater bubble cloner machines are a way to start clones on the right foot, preparing them for a successful life cycle.

What is a hydroponic cloning machine?

These deep water bubble cloning machines are very similar to a full size hydroponic deep water culture system. These machines anchor cuttings in place with reusable neoprene sleeves or net pots and hydroponic grow medium, and suspend the cut end of the clone in a reservoir underneath. The system features an air pump to oxygenate the root zone, and sometimes a humidity dome to keep moisture levels high.

Some of these hydro cloning systems, like the Super Closet SuperCloner systems, can cultivate your clones until harvest! These are the best hydroponic cloning machines available.

Here at Hydrobuilder, we also carry aeroponic cloning machines, which are the most advanced systems available for cloning!

How long do clones take to root in water?

In a hydroponic cloning system roots will appear a little slower than in an aeroponic system, but still much faster than other methods. Generally, you will see root development within two weeks, but it is not uncommon to see it in under 7-10 days. There are a number of factors at play, and it comes down to the quality of your cloning machine and your environment.

If you use a cloning gel or rooting solution, you can expedite rooting significantly.

How long can clones stay in water?

These hydroponic systems can actually grow your plant as long as you'd like, but the yield will be small. If you want to grow large, heavy plants, transplant clones into a complete hydroponic system or other container a week or two after seeing root development.

Do clones need grow lights?

To generate enough energy to sprout a root system, clones need ample grow lighting. Our clone and seedling lights are either LED or fluorescent. These two lighting types are the best for clone and seedling growth, since they emit a bright enough light to provide energy without burning plants or creating too much heat.

Clones should be given 18 hours of light, followed by 6 hours of darkness. This schedule should be kept until plants are ready to flower.

Want to learn more about propagation? Stop by our learning center and check out our bubble cloning guide on how to clone a plant!

If you have any questions about cloning machines, give our experienced growers a call today at 888-815-9763.


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