Cloning Gels & Rooting Solutions

It is not uncommon for clones to develop roots slowly, and this can frustrate growers. After all, the longer it takes to sprout roots, the longer until you can harvest.

How do you promote root growth?

This is a common question from new and experienced growers alike. Luckily, there are a number of ways to hasten this process. If you use rooting hormones, you can see roots sprout in a week or less sometimes!

What is rooting gel?

Rooting gel, also known as cloning gel, is a hormonal product for cuttings that increases the success rate of cloning, while speeding up the process.

Prior to placing your freshly cut clones into the cloning machine, apply a rooting gel to the end of the stalk. The hormones in root gel stimulate root growth. To supercharge rooting, some growers will supplement their plants with mycorrhizae as well. Afterwards, the stalk can be placed in the cloning grow media.

How do you use a rooting gel?

Before you start cutting clones, have your rooting gel ready. Place what you plan on using in a separate container, so you aren't dipping stalks directly into the rooting gel bottle. This will prevent contamination from dipping different varieties in your bottle.

Dip the cutting in the gel. This seals off the cut area, and prevents air bubbles. Place the clone into your rooting plug, and then place this in your cloning machine or propagation tray.

What is a rooting solution?

If you are using a cloning machine, a simple rooting gel will help, but you should be using a rooting solutions as well. Cloning or rooting solutions are mixed in with the water in your aeroponic or hydroponic cloning machine, and add more hormones for your clones.

What is rooting powder and how does it work?

Rooting powder contains the same hormones as rooting gel, it is just the powdered version. Powdered rooting hormones are more versatile, but slightly less effective than gel. Growers need to take special care not to lose powder when placing the clone into the rooting plug.

Using rooting powder is very similar to using rooting gel. Place a small amount in a different container to prevent cross-contamination, and swirl the cutting in the powder. Then, carefully place inside the root cube or grow media, and place inside the plant cloning kit.

The advantage of gel rooting hormones is their thicker consistency, which makes it less likely for the hormones to come off the stalk they are being applied to. Another option is a rooting spray. These are more versatile, but slightly less effective than gels or powders.

If you want to learn more about these products, and how to use them while cloning, check out our definitive guide on how to clone a plant! If you still have questions, give one of our experienced growers a call at 888-815-9763!


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