Replacement Water Filters, Membranes & UV Sterilizers

In hydroponics, filters and membranes reduce or eliminate contaminants from the actual water source. Sediment filters are great for filtration of larger solids, while carbon filters are the standard for removing the dissolved solids.

However, no filter lasts forever and just as you must periodically replace an oil filter on an automobile, you will need to replaces your water filter. As your filter works to keep out contaminants, it will become clogged and inefficient.

How often should I replace water filters, membranes and UV sterilizers?

Every filter is different, and it will largely depend on how much water you need to filter, and the degree to which the original water source is contaminated. The more contaminated the water is, the faster you will need to replace the filters and membranes, as they will be fouled by the number of contaminants they are keeping out.

Upgrading your water filter or membrane

There are upgraded versions for most filtration systems, which will not only last longer than a base model filter, but will more effectively keep out particles. You can upgrade easily as long as the filter or membrane is compatible with the filtration system being used.

If you are interested in learning more about water filtration or other aspects of hydroponic growing, visit our learning center!


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