Sun System Boss DE 1000 Watt Commercial Grow Light Fixture

Sun System Boss DE 1000 Watt Commercial Grow Light Fixture

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The Sun System 1000 W DE Boss Commercial Fixtures combine the patented State-of-the-art DE Boss Optic with the Sun System's reliability and Etelligent controllability.

Note: All Sun System Fixtures that are Eteligent compatible come with the Sun System 1 Etelligent Signal Wire for daisy chaining between ballasts

The DE Boss is designed and assembled in the USA with premium components and superior construction.

Advanced 105 kHz microprocessor is designed specifically to drive DE lamps at a sustained peak performance. Internal ballast programming will protect unit in instance of open circuit, short circuit, over/under voltage or high temperature exposure. The DE Boss Comm has dimmable/selectable wattage, turbo and built-in green LED lights for easily identified self-diagnostic performance codes. Low current, staggered ignition delay feature eliminates circuit inrush overload and protects lamp. The optic is engineered for high performance based on proven, patented designs.

New Larger System!

DE Boss Optic™ is engineered for high performance based on proven, patented designs. The Boss Optics are larger and deeper. A larger optic creates a more uniform light plane . With this design hot spots and light striations are eliminated while improving efficiency of the overall system. In addition, there's an overall balanced optical configuration (size and depth) to improve upon light penetration for lower foliage plant growth and again with uniformity as a primary consideration to prevent oversaturation of light and bleaching of the garden. All of that with a 95% reflective textured German aluminum interior and 98% reflective corner inserts offer unsurpassed uniformity, output and diffusion, galvanized steel optic housing, and with a durable powder coated finish.

Etelligent Compatible Ballast

This Ballast features the ability to be fully controllable on/off, dimmable; utilize auto-dim thermal correction, sunrise/sunset; and features built in diagnostics along with the ability to daisy chain up to 400 fixtures together on a single 2 channel Etelligent controller (200 fixtures per channel).

In the event of a ballast failure – there are 4 nyloc nuts attaching the SS1 ballast to the Boss Comm reflector. The entire unit can be repowered in a matter of less than a minute. No more lengthy delays in waiting for a full replacement fixture…if a unit goes down, you can have it up and running again immediately. Not mention it's easy to replace!

Enhanced Spectrum Xtreme Grow Lamp!

Philips Agro Plus DE EL lamp is INCLUDED. This is the newest, and most powerful Philips DE horticulture lamp to be introduced into the market. Confirmed results of 2120µmol at 1000w operation and a staggering 2400µmol when boosted to 1150w setting of the SS1 ballast. As the most experienced brand in HPS DE since 2005, Philips understands professional horticulture needs. The new Philips 1000 Watt HPS AGRO Plus DE EL lamp is their best, highest output lamp ever produced. This 400V high frequency lamp is made in Belgium. It is nitrogen filled with a quartz glass outer jacket for perfect optical quality.

High output reflector design and UL listed double-ended sockets holds the lamp heat to keep the DE lamp at optimal operating temperature.

Compliant with both FCC Article 18 Part A (governs commercial use) and FCC Article 18 Part B (governs residential use) as tested by an independent US testing lab. 1 year warranty on lamp.


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