Submersible Water Pumps

Water pumps are essential in a hydroponic system, as they allow plants to receive an adequate supply of nutrients and water.

What is a submersible water pump?

A submersible hydroponic water pump sits directly inside the reservoir and use fittings and hoses to move water. The submersible hydro pump helps evenly mix hydroponic nutrients before moving them into the grow tray or flood table on timed intervals.

Submersible hydroponic pumps are generally used by hobby growers with smaller indoor hydro gardens, since these do not have a ton of power. If you are growing in a large commercial grow room or green house, an inline water pump is probably your best option, since they generally have more power. An inline water pump sits outside of the tank, and is air-cooled.

What size submersible water pump do I need?

When choosing a submersible water pump for your hydroponic system, we encourage you to find a pump capable of pumping twice as much water as you plan on needing to prevent shortages from occurring. Many pumps now have a flow restricting feature, so if you find your pump is too powerful you can simply lower the flow.

To properly size your submersible hydroponic pump, first consider how many gallons you plan on using per hour. If you have a 50 gallon reservoir, and you want to run an ebb and flow cycle every two hours, you will probably be best off with a 500 GPH pump. But first, you need to calculate head height.

Head height is the distance between your water level and the highest level you need to pump the water (where your grow tray is). Gallons per hour will be reduced the farther this distance is, and most pumps come with information (this can also be found on the product listing usually) displaying how efficient a pump is at given head heights.

To be safe, give our expert growers a call at 888-815-9763 and let us help you size your pump!

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  1. Leader Vertygo Automatic Submersible Pump


    Available in 2 Options

    $169.26 - $199.50
  2. Little Giant Submersible Water Pumps

    Item #: LGSWP

    Available in 2 Options

    $86.35 - $93.49
  3. Leader Ecodiver Submersible Multistage Pump


    Available in 3 Options

    $265.02 - $321.72
  4. EcoPlus Bottom Draw Submersible Pumps

    Item #: EPBDWP

    Available in 2 Options

    $11.62 - $14.59
  5. EcoPlus Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pumps

    Item #: EPFFWP

    Available in 12 Options

    $13.86 - $217.15
  6. Active Aqua Submersible/Inline Water Pumps

    Item #: AAWP

    Available in 9 Options

    $12.69 - $155.20
  7. Regular Price: $120.46

    Special Price $108.41 on sale until 6/30/2019!

  8. Hailea Submerged/Inline Water Pumps

    Item #: HRWP

    Available in 7 Options

    $126.00 - $226.80
  9. Danner Supreme Hydroponics Submersible Pump

    Item #: DANSUP-SUB

    Available in 8 Options

    $13.75 - $69.99

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