Inline Water Pumps

Water pumps are essential in a hydroponic system, as they allow plants to receive an adequate supply of hydroponic nutrients and water.

What is an inline water pump?

One of the two main types of water pumps for hydroponics, the inline pump usually sits outside the reservoir. Inline water pumps have much more power than submersible water pumps, and thus they are used more frequently in commercial applications.

Hydroponic inline water pumps are air-cooled, and move water from the reservoir into the grow tray or flood table. Some inline pumps have begun to take on submersible characteristics, so check to see if this applies to your pump.

How big of an inline water pump do I need?

We recommend growers opt for a system able to pump significantly more water than they plan on using, to prevent any shortage issues from arising. Many pumps have a flow restricting feature, which allows growers to reduce the flow of water if they find they are pumping too much. Many pumps also come with multiple attachments for different GPH (gallons per hour), and will be rated on a range, such as 300-500 GPH. Head height will also be a factor in how many GPH your pump can actually move.

When determining which pump is right for you, you will need to first know how many gallons per day you plan on pumping, and the distance you need to transport this water (sometimes known as the head height).

If you have a 250 gallon system, and want to run a full cycle every 2 hours, you will divide these numbers to arrive at a minimum of 125 GPH needed. Then, check the chart that comes with your pump (or if you are shopping for one, check the product specifications for this chart) to see if the pump will operate efficiently at the head height you need.

To learn more about hydroponics, be sure to check out that section of our learning center!

If you need any help sizing your water pump, give us a call at 888-815-9763 and let one of our expert growers help you today!


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