Grow Light Hangers

What are grow light hangers?

Grow light hangers are the means for hanging your grow lights in your grow tent, grow room, or greenhouse.

Grow lights need to be adjusted in height throughout the life of the plant. To provide ample lighting without burning the plants, grow lights need to be hung within the optimal range, which will depend on the type of lighting you employ.

There are a number of ways to hang grow lights, such as using chains, but the simplest method is using adjustable grow light hangers. These allow you to quickly adjust the height of your grow lights, ballasts, reflectors, and even carbon filters.

What are grow light hanging chains?

Grow light hanging chains are a great way to hang your grow lights, ballasts, reflectors, and even carbon filters.

You will need to adjust these to accommodate your plants as they grow, as to not burn them. When setting up your grow lights, it is important to consider bulb heat. Different types of grow lights will give off different levels of heat and light intensity, with fluorescent grow lights being less intense, and MH and HPS grow lights being very intense.

The grow light hanging chains we offer here at Hydrobuilder contain links that can easily be opened and closed with pliers, allowing you to dial in the height you want your lights at.

If you have questions about how to set up your grow lights, or anything else pertaining to grow lights, check out our articles in the learning center, where we cover all things growing! If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at 888-815-9763 and let our experienced growing staff aid you!

What are adjustable grow light hangers?

Adjustable grow light hangers are the best way to hang your grow lights. Since your lights will need to be raised as the plants grow, it makes sense to use hangers that allow for easy raising and lowering. Grow light hanging chains will hold your grow room equipment, but adjusting the height with these is a hassle.

How high should your grow lights be above your plants?

Different grow lights emit different levels of intensity when it comes to light, but a general guide is:

  • HID grow lights- 12-24" from plants, depending on wattage
  • LED grow lights- 16-26" from plants, depending on wattage
  • Fluorescent grow lights- 6-12" from plants, depending on wattage

You will need to raise your grow lights as plants grow to keep this amount of space between them, and adjustable grow light hangers make this a breeze.

The best way to tell how high to hang your lights is by consulting the information from your manufacturer, or reading our guide on how to hang your grow lights! If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to call our experienced growing staff today at 888-815-9763.


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