Covert 4' x 9' LED-X 250 Perpetual Harvest Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kit

Covert 4' x 9' LED-X 250 Perpetual Harvest Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kit


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This indoor grow room is ready for plants!

Suggested Plant Count

12-18 plants in 3 or 5 gallon pots.

Electricity Cost

$21.60 per month on average (click to learn more)

Grow Tent Size

48" x 95" x 78"

Highly Portable

Pack up your grow with ease and move to a new location if necessary.

Quality Parts

Only the highest quality components are included in our packages giving you harvest after harvest, year after year. Each component was selected to work together for optimal performance, increasing efficiency and yield.

Expert Support

Grower to grower support from seed to harvest. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you need help.


Grow 12-18 Plants in a Covert 4' x 9' Perpetual Harvest Multi-Chamber LED Grow Tent Kit

The 4' x 9' Multi-Chamber Grow Tent is perfect for perpetual harvest growing!

House your entire garden and all of its components in an easy-to-assemble, highly reflective, multi-chamber grow tent. Control the mess and maintain a low profile without the need to build a grow room from scratch. This tent features two stations with three separate growing areas to manage plants in different stages of development while remaining compact for small spaces or areas with little height.

Why Choose a Perpetual Harvest Tent?

  • Reduced Time Between Harvests
    Growing in a perpetual harvest environment allows for faster harvest turnover. The multi-chamber tent separates the vegetative area from the flowering area, dividing the plant growth time nearly in half. Once the perpetual cycle is running, growers can see harvest times in as little as 8 weeks apart when growing in a single multi-chamber tent.
  • Disaster Recovery/Flexibility
    Even the most experienced growers will have the occasional mishaps. With a perpetual harvest system, there is a continuous supply of plants in the vegetative state. Any mishaps in the flowering chamber can be quickly replaced with a new, freshly vegged plant.
  • Never Run Out of Product
    Once the perpetual cycle is going, growers will be able to harvest in nearly half the time. Twice as many harvests has the potential to yield nearly twice as much product.
  • Reduce Workload
    The workload is spread out more evenly over time. You won't have to hire a bunch of trimmers for the fall harvest when everyone else is looking for them.

Multiple Chambers

  • The included shelf in the smaller veg chamber allows you to have seedlings or clones as well as plants in early veg right above it maximizing space and efficiency.
  • Removable shelf is great for growers wanting to use the veg chamber to get their plants larger before moving into the flower chamber.
  • Interior chamber divider can be easily removed creating one large chamber if needed.
Covert 4 x 9 Multi-Chamber Grow Tent

Full Spectrum 250 Watt LED Grow Light

Only pulling 250 Watts from the wall per light fixture (500 Watts total), our new full-spectrum LED-X grow light is the heart and soul of this grow room. This LED grow light features the newest technology available in the industry, and when paired with the optional Covert Advanced Master Lighting Controller , you will have complete control over your grow with on/off timing, high-temp shut-off, auto-dimming and more! The 48" x 95" x 78" footprint of the included Covert Grow Tent is the perfect fit for 6 or more medium to large plants and gives you plenty of room to easily tend to your crop throughout your growing cycle. The unique multi-bar configuration of the LED, inspired by the new Gavita LED, give you an even spread of light over your plants with a total PPF output of 525 umol/s.

With a removeable chamber divider, this tent can be used for whatever needs your garden requires. Keep the divider in for multiple chambers while perpetual harvest growing or remove the divider to have standard Covert Grow Tent at your disposal.

Low heat, low energy consumption, and high yields are just a few of the reasons LED lighting is considered the best option for grow tents. Regardless of what size tent you need, there is an LED option for you. With the included Covert ventilation kit, you will never experience any heat or humidity issues. This is just another reason why our grow tent packages are the perfect match for all home growers. No more worrying, we've got you covered!

Looking to learn more? We have plenty of great articles with information just waiting to be read in our Learning Center about - Grow Lights

The Grow Tent Kit Includes:

Main Chamber

  • Covert 4' x 5' Multi-Chamber Grow Tent
  • (x2) Covert LED-X 250 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • 6" Inline Exhaust Fan
  • 6" Carbon Air Filter
  • Fan Speed Controller
  • 6" Ducting with clamps
  • (x4) 6" Clip Fan
  • (x1) Light Hangers
  • (x1) Light Timer
  • Thermometer / Hygrometer

Cloning Chamber

  • (x2) T5 Grow Light Fixture - 6500K Bulb
  • (x2) Light Hangers
  • (x1) Light Timer
  • 6" Inline Booster Fan

Everything you need and nothing you dont

We've made choosing an LED Grow Tent Kit very easy. No more trying to determine what products are designed to work together, our kits include products that were hand-picked by our staff, which also grows in these ourselves! We know how great these kits are, and you should too!

Our base grow tent systems include the main necessary components such as a Grow Tent, LED Grow Light (with timer and hangers), Ventilation System (with air circulation clip fan), and a Humidity/Temperature Monitor. All other items are available as add-ons, which we breakdown for you lower down in the description.

We encourage anyone interested in add-on products to take a look at the Learning Center articles to be as informed as possible when purchasing add-ons and accessories.

Included: Covert 4' x 9' Multi-Chamber Grow Tent

The grow tent is a very important part of the system. The grow tent is crucial to keeping your growing environment clean and free of foreign particles and pests. Keeping the environment sanitary will help prevent any potential issues throughout your growing cycle. The micro-mesh pre-filters prevent unwanted guests from infiltrating your precious grow. The dual-clinching ducting ports and strong zippers mean your environment is completely sealed from the outside world.

Using an enclosed indoor grow tent to house your plants means you can perfectly manage your humidity and temperature easier than you could in an open room or closet. The intelligent design of these grow tents makes it easy to install the ventilation and air circulation system.

Covert Grow Tents are also very strong and durable. The thick 600D thread count canvas surrounds the heavy-duty metal frame, which can hold up to 150 lbs or grow lights, ventilation systems and more! This light proof grow tent does not allow any light to penetrate inside the environment.

Not only will you get an optimal space for your plants to grow, but the grow tent will also serve a double use as a drying tent.

4 x 9 Grow Tent

Once your plants are ready to harvest, just take down your grow light, cut down your plants, and hang them from the top crossbars. Now your finished plants have a clean place to hand dry before trimming and curing. To learn more about this grow tent, check out the Covert 4' x 9' Grow Tent here.

Included: Covert LED-X 250 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

With only 250 watts pulled from the wall, the all-new Covert LED-X series grow light provides a complete full spectrum ideal for the vegetative stage through the flowering phase, resulting in increased crop quality and yields over similar wattage LED's on the market. The design of these fixtures allow light to be spread throughout the entire footprint more evenly, reducing hotspots and delivering uniform levels of photosynthesis flux density, or PPFD.

For more information and specifications about this LED, checkout the product page for the Covert LED-X 250 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light here.

The 250 watt Covert LED-X is designed to cover a vegetative footprint of up to 5' x 5' and 4' x 4' in flower. These low profile, lightweight fixtures are perfect for grow tents or smaller grows. The recommended hanging height for this light is betweenn 6" - 12" above the canopy. All Covert LED-X Series lights are controllable with the optional Covert Advanced Master Lighting Controller (sold separately).

NOTE: Included with the grow light are light hanger ratchets and a light timer.

Covert LED-X 250W Spectrum

Included: Odor Ventilation Control Package

The solution to your heat, humidity, and odor problems. We built this package with everything you need to keep your grow under control.

To go along with the ventilation kit, we have included a 6" clip fan to help circulate air and "make your plants dance". Keeping the air circulating in your tent will strengthen stems, keep temperatures and odors to the minimum, and help discourage pest and disease development. If you want to learn more, check out our post on grow room atmosphere and ventilation.

Covert 2x3 ventilation system

The ventilation system is a crucial component of your grow tent kit, and will help manage excess temperature, humidity, and odors. Your garden is a living breathing system that needs to take in the fresh air and expel waste air and heat. This is especially important in an enclosed environment like a grow tent. This is why the Covert Ventilations System is a must-have.

Eager to learn more? Read all you can about odor control with this great article - Grow Room Odor Control

Options, Add-Ons, & Enhancements

In this section we will highlight some of the add-ons and accessories that will take your grow to the next level. Every grower wants to get the most out of their harvest knowing what works well for your grow is essential

The are tons of great articles in our Learning Center that will help even the newest of growers to make informed decisions on their purchases. We will try to highlight important articles that may guide you as you peruse the selction of add-ons and accessories.

  • Choose between Soil or Hydroponic growing methods
  • Plant Nutrients & pH Control
  • Grow Tent Air Intake Kit
  • CO2 Enrichment Kit
  • Seedling Starter Kit
  • Garden Scissors

Optional: Choose Your Growing Method - Soil vs. Hydro

Now that you have your base grow tent kits products, you’ll need to make an important decision - what will your growing method be?

You can choose between a complete hydroponic system or traditional soil and pots. If you are a new grower, you are probably better off with a complete grow tent kit for soil. Once you have a few grows under your belt, and feel more confident in your abilities, you can always upgrade to a hydroponic system.

Hydroponics is appealing for a number of reasons, with the main one being decreased time to harvest, less water used, cleaner growing conditions, and more. This style of growing can be really fun, but it is challenging.

There is a steep learning curve and lots of moving pieces, so if you aren’t willing to dedicate plenty of time and energy to your grow, stick with the lower maintenance option - soil.

Soil vs Hydroponics

Optional: Add Accessories & Upgrades

Every great grower should know about the advantages many of these add-on products provide. After all we want to maximise our yield to the best of our abilities.

Whether you need CO2 for boosting growth, kits for cloning and propagation, or just some handy dandy trimming shears, we here at Hydrobuilder can help you find anything you're looking for.

You will need many of these at some point, so why not grab them while you're here?! If you don't see the accessories you are looking for, don't worry. We have everything you could ever need for your grow tent, so just reach out to us or browse our site for it.

Add accessories

Optional: Add Harvest Supplies

The final step in building your LED grow tent is adding your harvest supplies. You can grab drying racks, trimming equipment, and even extraction equipment!

Many growers procrastinate on grabbing harvest equipment because it's so far down the road. But, it makes so much more sense to just grab everything you need right now, and then you don't have to worry about anything down the line!

Are you harvesting on a larger scale? Most of what we have presented in this LED grow tent kit builder is for hand trimming, but there is a good chance you may want a trimming machine, especially for the larger grow tent sizes.

If that is the case, we have trimming machines for every size grower! We also carry bucking machines, extraction equipment, storage supplies, and much more.

Add harvest supplies
Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)131.74
Length (in.)48
Width (in.)96
Height (in.)86
Lead TimeAll items ship in 2-5 Business Days
Prop 65No
Grow Tent Size4ft x 9ft
Lighting TypeLED
Lighting BrandCovert
Suggested Plant Count12-18
Set-Up Dimensions48" x 95" x 78"
Est. Electricity Cost /mo$21.60
Interior MaterialDiamond Textured Mylar
Exterior Material600D Thread Count Canvas
Ducting Ports(2) 9" Ducting Ports & (4) 11" Ducting Ports
Electrical Ports(4) 3" Electrical Cord Ports
Windows(1) Large Front Window
Doors(2) Large Front Door & (2) Back Access Doors
Vents(4) 13.5" x 5.5" Mesh Pre-Filter Air Vents
UL ListedNo
Warranty1 Year